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Damond Blog-Short Take: Mazdaspeed6 Passenger Side Motor Mount

Short Take: Mazdaspeed6 Passenger Side Motor Mount


I remember sitting at a diner in South Haven, Michigan, listening to a couple friends with MS3s give some honest feedback about the MS3 PMM.  We kept their feedback in mind when we took our stock-PMM MS6 to the drag strip later that day, and to a road course the next day.  The car ran very well, but the few gear lockouts we experienced, along with yet another failed PMM made the decision for us; we had to make a PMM for the MS6.

We started the design for the Mazdaspeed6 Passenger Motor Mount with the same bushing arrangement that we use across all of our side mounts.  This arrangement has years of proven reliability, and is able to minimize engine movement without transmitting too much noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) to the car.  Reviews of our other side mounts speak for themselves.

Then we went through our normal steps of design, 3-D print, FEA, check fitment/install, repeat.  Here's a Link to Damond Mount Design Blog for more detail on that process. 

Some of our guiding customers, whom we get involved very early to get feedback on the design, proposed that we eliminate “that annoying third mounting point with the stud.”  We evaluated it with our analysis software to see if that was a possibility.  Simply put, it’s not needed with this design, and it has been removed for ease of install.  

Bottom right is 3-D printed test piece

Top right is alpha mount with early fabricated base

Left is final production mount



The fun part of any new design is the testing.  Thousands of daily driven miles, hundreds of flat-foot shifts, dozens of launches, and hours of lapping on a track have shown this mount to be outstanding, and all that is just on our cars!  Beta testers have been running the mounts for months, and they seem to feel the same way.

Here's some of what our testers had to say: 

Will from PDTuning- "The DM mount netted me less noise and less vibrations (vs other aftermarket mount). Even though my "racecar" has a decent amount of noise the dm mount lessened the annoying vibes while still keeping the motor in places. I will be stress testing the mount at the track soon but the couple wot pulls that i did get in were rock solid."

Derek 600+WHP- "Easy installation, great fit and finish, no where near the NVH of other aftermarket mounts, pair this with the hardest duro rmm, tmm, and fmm and you'll have a great feeling daily drivable car you won't feel like you can break when really beating on it."

Chris mild bolt-ons- "If you care about the way your Speed6 drives this mount is a must. Rev matching is ten fold smoother while driving lines are noticeably cleaner and more predictable. The value-to-cost ratio is out of sight here and I would pay double for this part. But the fact that this mount is so reasonably priced makes me love Damond Motorsports that much more."

More feedback from testers as it comes in. 

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