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Damond Blog-Damond Motorsports Track Talk - Quick 3 Day Track Prep

Damond Motorsports Track Talk - Quick 3 Day Track Prep

It’s that time of year.  Time to awaken from the winter’s hibernation and get to the track.  After the many cold hours and long winter nights of preparation, you’re close to being ready for that first track day of the season.  What’s left to do to prepare for the event?  If you’re working on a tight schedule, here’s our quick 3-day guide to prepping the car, prepping for the event, and prepping yourself.

3 days till track day: 

This is crunch time.  This is that short window to prep the car, and if any parts are needed, overnight delivery should get them to you with enough time to get the car ready.  Start with a tech inspection.  Some groups will have you sign a waiver that an inspection was performed, or some will do one at the event, so you want to be sure your car is safe to run.  Get the car up in the air and check brakes, suspension, wheels, tires, bearings, to ensure they’re all in good shape.  No leaks/full fluids and all is good to go.  Finish up some quick modifications, throw on your latest parts, and double check everything is working/installed properly.  Car prep complete.

2 days till track day: 

Last minute prep and event prep.  Had to overnight any parts? Well here’s the time to finish the car.  Apart from that, it’s preparing for the event.  Check the weather, is it going to rain? 10% chance… so there’s still a chance!  All the stuff in the car, floor mats, tollway responders, spare change, phone chargers, all the stuff you do not want to be in the car with you while you’re driving at the limit.  Better pack a plastic bin to put all this junk in at the track.  For me, a couple big cheap Ikea bags great.  One to hold all my cars goodies, and the other as a cover if it decides to rain.  A spare QT of oil, higher RPMs tend to burn a little bit compared to daily driving around town.  A tire gauge and mini air compressor.  While most tracks have free air on site, it helps to have your own so you won’t have to move the car or wait in lines.  A roll of paper towels and some zip ties, as these always come in handy.  Water and lots of it, for when you get thirsty... or the car does.  Finally, a tool box or basic assortment of tools, just if something needs a little adjusting.  Event prep complete.

Day before track day: 

Prep yourself, before you wreck yo self.  Car is ready, stuff packed for the event, what’s left to do?  It’s time for YOUR preparations.  Never been to this track?  Time to learn your way around.  Watch some videos online, see how similar cars get around the track and lines they use.  Print out a track map, it’ll come in handy at the track for taking notes.  Is your track in a video game, if so great!  Simulate what it’s like around the track and get a handle of the layout.  Lastly, make sure to get plenty of sleep and rest the night before.  I leave work early to do so, because I’m always excited the night prior, and I wanted to make sure I got home early enough to unwind before bed.  You prep complete.

All prep complete and you’re ready to run your car at its limits around your local road course.  Having a solid prep before your event will help to keep stress down at the track, so you can fully enjoy the time honing your driving skills.  How do you prep for the track?

Stay tuned for more track talk this season from Damond Motorsports.  


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