Mazdaspeed6 Transmission Mount

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Looking to plant power to the ground, drastically reduce drivetrain slop, all while adding minimal NVH? Look no further, Damond Motorsports has the answer in the DM Transmission Motor Mount for the Mazdaspeed6.


The Damond Motorsports TMM design:
-The bushings are oriented properly to support the motor and absorb vibrations across the whole bushing.
-This allows us to use stiff bushings without increasing NVH to unbearable levels. Orienting the bushing carrier in a transverse manner further reduces NVH, as less stress is put on bushing flanges.
-CAD designed, and FEA, and street/track tested. You can't make enough power to break this thing.
-Full length welded corrosion resistant steel.

The Damond Motorsports TMM specs: 
-Machined aluminum bushing carrier, anodized gold or black
-Lower mount base and top base are high strength steel, and powder coated black
-All high grade fasteners, and lock nuts
-OTS Energy poly bushings
-Minimal added vibes, improved shift feel, massive reduction in engine movement


Note: due to the tight tolerances of this mount, other manufacture's passenger side motor mount may restrict fitment of this mount, and we recommend pairing it only with our Passenger Side Mount

Customer Reviews

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Little tough but worth it!

I'll say up front. It's a little tough to install this mount. Don't let it discourage you! It's worth the effort. You will feel some added vibration but you can't really gain this kind of performance without some comfort loss. It's minor and worth it for the added piece of mind.

Best TMM available for your MS6

Having another aftermarket mount installed for 4 years, I was extremely tired of the excessive cabin noise. This mount drastically cut down on the nose and vibration making my vehicle tolerable for the family again. Don't waste your money on any other brand. DM FTW!

Worth every penny

This mount is amazing! I used to have another vendor's mount and my car had crazy amounts of NVH that made even listening to the radio a challenge. I had both damond motor sport mounts for the passenger and rear but the remaining transmission mount added incredible amounts of noise and vibrations to the cabin.

Install was a breeze and fitment of all the brackets/holes was on point.
My one tip to install is to make sure you have a good long/strong screw driver to help align the carrier bolts in final assembly/install.

The first cold start with this mount installed I thought - "I can hear myself think! OMG!!!" Having all three damond mounts installed made the car normal again. The improvement was mind blowing... trust me.

On top of the mount being super comfortable, it plants the engine, so on hard shifts and launches there is no lurching.

The improvements with shifting are awesome. Everything is so crisp and smooth compared to before. I have a single mass flywheel and I used to have to time shifts perfectly to get a smooth 1st to 2nd but now it is soooooo much easier. I had no idea that my old transmission mount was making the car not as enjoyable to drive.

10/10 - in by books. Driven in heavy traffic, hooning back roads and rolling in "mexico".

The Good
- Super minimal NVH added (comparable to stock)
- Crispy, smooth shifts

The Bad
- None
- You don't have one and I do

Another quality part!!

Again Damond with a great part!
Installation was really easy, took less than an hour.
While adding minimal vibrations, launching the speed 6 is easier, shifts are crisper and quicker.
The OEM mount allows way too much movement. I think the car is nicer to drive with it.
I can hear the transmission a bit more at low rpms, as expected.
Nothing bad to say about it.
I've never had a problem with Damond parts anyway!!


This mount was a fantastic addition to my car! It replaced an OEM version w/ CS inserts. Physical construction is solid af and installation strait forward. It compliments my other two Damond mounts and a WW FMM.

Shifting has been noticeably improved. It is accurate, crisp and sooooo nice! I did not expect such a dramatic improvement.

Vibrations have actually been reduced for me. All of my mirrors are useable and there are no rattles in the interior. I was leery of going fully mounted as I like some civility. My reservations were unfounded though, this Threesome from Damond is amazeballs.
Gear noise from the transmission has been increased. I don’t find it to be obnoxious though, and it is reducing some as the mount breaks in.

I think this is a great product and personally recommend it highly! Stellar performance, minimal NVH, quality construction.