Focus ST Brake Caliper Bushings

$ 75.00

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We are excited to bring a low-cost performance brake modification to your Focus ST! The Damond Motorsports Caliper Bushings have many amazing benefits over the factory style rubber slide bushings. Each bushing is machined to very tight tolerances to allow significantly less caliper deflection under braking. This in turn leads to many performance gains, that you can actually feel and experience on your car. Whether you daily drive or track/race your vehicle, you'll be confident in your stopping ability with the Damond Motorsports Caliper Bushings. 

Brake bushing benefits:

  • Improved pedal feel
  • Improved brake modulation
  • Improved braking response
  • More even pad wear
  • More even rotor wear
  • Longer maintenance intervals compared to non-sealed bushings

    Brake bushings info:

    • Sold per axle, 2 bushings per caliper, 4 bushings per kit/axle
    • Available front and rear calipers
    • Features an o-ring grove and are supplied with caps to prevent moisture, dust, and debris into the bushing
    • Machined out of Brass, and we include high-temp o-rings & caps, and stainless snap-rings

    Note: Please be sure to select the brake caliper type that came equipped on your vehicle. The "Premium Red-Painted" option calipers came painted red from the factory, whereas the "Standard non-painted" calipers came in a silver color. The caliper bushings sizes are different between these changes. For European 2012-2013 models with red painted calipers, please select the "standard non-painted" option. Any questions regarding which selection to make, please contact us. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Robert Rosser
    Great brake feel now

    Very easy to instal while doing a brake job. So far so good

    Eric Price
    Great Upgrade

    Definitely a worthwhile upgrade. If you're into little details to make your car feel more solid and sporty, these give a very noticeable improvement in brake feel. Much stiffer, and the harder you depress the pedal the firmer it gets. Some might think $140 is too pricey for such a modification, but I would say those are the people who need not apply. For me it was completely worth the price, I think it's fair. Highly recommend!

    Dann Robbins
    Excellent bang for the bucks

    This product works. It’s not going to change your OEM ST brakes into a TCR spec cars, but it will improve the pedal feel/modulation, and optimize the overall braking performance of the car with the OEM set up. It’s worth the money. Installation was simple. Nothing more needs to be said.

    Fantastic but

    The Brakes feel amazing. The rear end was super easy todo. Just took a drill with a little sanding bit and cleared out the corrosion out of the bushing holes. The fronts took a lot longer as you have to remove metal from the caliper for it to slide into it properly. Definitely worth the price and would recommend it to everyone from a daily to a track car.

    Bryan T
    Ford escape 2.0 turbo

    Installed these on my 16 ST first. The pedal feel was amazingly improved.

    After discussion with the Damond team, they advised that the non-painted ST bushings work on the Escape.

    Installed on my '13 Escape 2.0 turbo and have not been disappointed - 10/10 do recommend