Focus ST Brake Caliper Bushings

$ 75.00

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We are excited to bring a low-cost performance brake modification to your Focus ST! The Damond Motorsports Caliper Bushings have many amazing benefits over the factory style rubber slide bushings. Each bushing is machined to very tight tolerances to allow significantly less caliper deflection under braking. This in turn leads to many performance gains, that you can actually feel and experience on your car. Whether you daily drive or track/race your vehicle, you'll be confident in your stopping ability with the Damond Motorsports Caliper Bushings. 

Brake bushing benefits:

  • Improved pedal feel
  • Improved brake modulation
  • Improved braking response
  • More even pad wear
  • More even rotor wear
  • Longer maintenance intervals compared to non-sealed bushings

    Brake bushings info:

    • Sold per axle, 2 bushings per caliper, 4 bushings per kit/axle
    • Available front and rear calipers
    • Features an o-ring grove and are supplied with caps to prevent moisture, dust, and debris into the bushing
    • Machined out of Brass, and we include high-temp o-rings & caps, and stainless snap-rings

    Note: Please be sure to select the caliper type equipped on your vehicle. There are different sizes between the "Premium" option which came with Red painted calipers, and the "Standard" option with silver non-painted calipers.   

    Customer Reviews

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    After seeing these and realizing that the stock bushings are so flimsy and weak, I didn't have any doubts about buying. Install was pretty easy, if you've changed your pads before you'll have no issues. Quality, especially over the stock bushings, is incredible. The pedal feel and confidence I have in the brakes now is so much better.


    Bushings feel really solid and have dramatically improved brake pedal feel. Quality parts and fast shipping won me over. 4 stars only because I believe I was sent the wrong bushings for my front calipers (ordered non-premium bushings, believe the fronts were for premium brakes), but I made them work and am really happy with how it turned out. Thanks!

    Great value

    I appreciated the close contact during the ordering process and the installation was straight forward. Results are in. Definitely worth the cost. If you "feel" your car, this is necessary.

    focus st brake caliper bushing set in Australia

    I bought a complete set front and rear every thing fitted like a glove

    When i installed them there is no factory bush at all just a pin in a
    sloppy rubber boot and dust cap water gets in grit etc no seals
    it must dance around a lot with no support at all with the sloppy factory set up the RS has is the same set up also.
    This should have been a factory fitment from Ford.
    The pedal feel is 200% better really controlled and not touchy like stock .The braking is the first thing i noticed It improved by 50% when you stand on the brakes they really come on but controlled so much more.
    Will pay off in the long run with pad and rotor wear servicing .
    And now being a sealed unit the slider pins will always be in great shape to work and release well every time .
    .Another great product from Damond Motorsports .Every product of i have tried has been the best well though out on the market every time. Keep up the great work and quality control guys.

    These bushings are amazing!!!

    So, I have had the luxury of running these bushing on all 4 corners of my FoST. Everything mentioned in regards from pedal feel to pad wear is dead on. I was skeptical at first but within a few days I was blown away by what something so simple could provide in performance. These bushings are an absolute must for any spirited, track, auto-x driver etc! Damond knocked this one out of the ball park!