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Damond Motorsports Brake Bushing Install Guide FRONT


By installing this Product, you understand that:

The buyer/user assumes all risk as to quality, performance and use of these products and agrees to hold DD2, Inc. DBA Damond Motorsports (“DM”) and its representatives not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage; including any and all incidental or consequential damages arising from the sale, installation, or use of our products.

Many parts are intended for “OFF ROAD ” and “RACING” applications only. It is suggested that State and Federal emission regulation be checked, to see whether or not this product complies with those laws. Read through the instruction guide thoroughly, before attempting this install. Do not install any components while the engine is running or shortly after the car has been running. Give the car some time to cool down. Failure to install this product correctly, or failure to remove/reinstall existing components correctly, could result in poor running conditions, or even component and engine failure, which the sole user of this product is responsible for. The install instructions are intended to guide you on how to install this product properly.  Only an experienced mechanic should perform this install.  In addition, DM, and its representatives reserve the right to modify and or discontinue parts without notice. If you the user/buyer of this product do not agree with the above, contact DM immediately, to discuss a possible return of our product for a full refund minus shipping costs, and other fees.

Tools Needed:

  • Safe means of lifting and supporting the vehicle: jack and jack stands, or lift.
  • Torque Wrench
  • Socket wrench or breaker bar
  • Wheel lug socket(depending on your lug type)
  • 7mm Allen socket (Focus & Mazda)
  • 11mm Allen socket (Fusion Sport)
  • Pliers
  • Snap-ring pliers
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Brake specific grease
  • Anti-seize
  • Removable/medium strength thread locker
  • Brake parts cleaner
  • Wire brush
  • Rough and fine 1000+ grit sand paper
  • Power drill or rotary tool
  • Bungee chord or way of supporting the caliper from hanging


1 set of components supplied should include:

  • 4x Damond Motorsports Caliper Bushings, o-rings pre-installed
  • 4x stainless snap rings head bolt
  • 4x high-temp dust caps
  • 4x spare high-temp o-rings - to keep as spares for later servicing, or if one of the pre-installed o-rings gets torn during install  

Front Install: 

(CAUTION: allow the vehicle to cool down fully before attempting any work)

Step 1:

Begin by properly supporting the vehicle in the air using stands, or a lift, and remove the wheels.

Step 2: 

Remove the caliper retaining spring. 

Front of the Mazdaspeed3 and Focus ST shown, using a screwdriver, pry the spring from where it is retaining the brake pad, and then from the caliper.

Front of Mazda3 and Mazda5, with a pair of pliers, remove the retaining spring. 

Step 3: 

Remove the dust caps, then loosen and remove the caliper guide pins with a 7mm Allen socket. 

Step 4: 

Remove the caliper, and support it from falling with a bungee chord or similar. Remove the inner brake pad clipped into the caliper piston.

Step 5: 

Using a pair of pliers, remove the factory slide pin boots. Easiest to grab the protruding rubber from the rear, twist and pull out. 

Step 6: 

Clean the bores of the caliper. Using a wire brush or coarse sandpaper, remove any built up corrosion within the caliper bores. Using a rotary tool sanding bit on a drill or rotary tool makes this a 1 min task. You'll want to clean any build up of corrosion from the bores, so the Damond Motorsports bushings will fit. 

Step 7: 

With the caliper bores clean, rub some anti-seize brake grease on the outside of the Damond Caliper Bushings and install the bushings into the caliper, so the flange of the bushing is resting on the inside of the caliper as shown. Secure the bushings from falling out with the supplied snap rings(caution, do not over extend the snap rings when installing them, as the metal may bend). Re-position the caliper in place. 

Step 8: 

Clean the guide pins. Use brake parts cleaner to remove dirt and old grease from the pins. Damond Tip: To give the pins a nice smooth finish insert the threaded end into a power drill, and using a fine grit sand paper(1000+) run the pin on the paper til clean. 

Step 9: 

Grease the inner bore of the bushings and the slide pins lightly. Re-position the caliper in place, and install the clean slide pins. Tighten the pins and TQ to 19-22lbs/ft or 25-30N/m. Install the new high-temp dust caps over the caliper bushings. Be sure they are fully seated, with no ends of the caps folded over. 

Step 10: 

Reinsert the pad retaining springs and the wheels. Torque the wheels to the factory recommended specifications. Go for a drive to ensure the brakes are operating properly.

Note: If installing with old or used pads, it may take some miles to re-condition the pads to fully grip the rotor surface if the pads are un-evenly worn(The pedal feedback will get more responsive once the pads are worn flat). If installing with new pads, we recommend following the pad manufacture's procedures for burnishing the pads/rotors.  

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