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Fiesta ST Passenger Side Motor Mount
$ 235.00

Fiesta ST Passenger Side Motor Mount

Original price $ 235.00 - Original price $ 235.00
Original price
$ 235.00
$ 235.00 - $ 235.00
Current price $ 235.00
Mount Color: Black
Bushing Color: Red
Bushing Stiffness: Race

The Damond Motorsports Passenger Side Motor Mount is a must have for any Fiesta ST enthusiast looking to keep their powertrain solidly planted, drastically reducing wheel-hop and torque-steer, all while adding less NVH than the competition.  Damond Mounts are ran on the quickest most powerful track Fiesta ST's, as well as many enthusiast's daily drivers. 

The Damond Motorsports PMM design:

  • The bushings are orientated properly to support the motor and absorb vibrations across the whole bushing.
  • This allows us to use stiff bushings without increasing NVH to unbearable levels. Orientating the bushing carrier in a transverse manner further reduces NVH, as less stress is put on bushing flanges.
  • Full length welded steel base and top pieces. 
  • CAD designed, and FEA, street, track & rally tested.  You can't make enough power to break this thing.

The Damond Motorsports PMM specs:

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Machined aluminum bushing carrier, anodized gold or black
  • Lower mount base and top piece are high strength steel welded and powder coated black
  • All high grade fasteners and lock nuts
  • OTS Energy poly bushings
  • Minimal added vibes, along with lots of tire spinning instead of wheel hop.

NEW! Bushing stiffness options! 

  • Street 70a or Race 88a bushing stiffness now available
  • Street bushings are for those looking to keep added NVH to a minimum
  • Race bushings are for those wanting the best performance and least engine movement
  • Bushing selection currently only applies to the side mounts. In full mount sets, the rear mount uses the "race" bushings

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Note: With this mount there will be added NVH over stock, as well as a slight break-in period for NVH to settle. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
John M Foster
Wonderful mount!

Hurry up and make a drivers side mount please! I love this thing!

A must for every Fiesta ST owner

I started to hear the dreaded rattling and creaking in reverse and at low speed. After some research I found it’s usually the passenger side motor mount. Happy I went with Damond. Well packaged, part is beautiful, and the instructions were some of the best I’ve used. After the install there is no more creaking, less engine movement, and very little NVH with the 70 durometer. Buy this part, you wont be disappointed.

Tyler Wood
Straight Money!

I bought both the passenger and rear motor mounts in the street format and, in my opinion, suit the car really well (Damond rear replaced a used Mountune one). Throttle response improved which was immediately noticeable, and shifts felt like butter. You get what you pay for and these mounts prove it undeniably. I would highly recommend!

Good but a bit rough

Installed the front motor mount on my fiesta St, and works a treat. Completely killed off the clunk noise I was getting under shifting using the stock mount. The noise in the cabin is a tiny bit louder as you'd expect from a stiffer mount. But not uncomfortable using the street bushes. Installs quickly and easily. Only concern is the design looks less sturdy than the original, 2 out of 3 bolts to the chassis (one failing would be baaaad) and the fabrication is a little rough with a lot of welding.

Thank you for your feedback! We tested the 2 bolt frame mounting design on rally cars, so we saw no need to add in the 3rd mostly superficial mounting point.

Dave Longo
Good with some thoughts.

Ok here is the deal this concept is great. The design is well thought out and it does what its supposed to do. Things I would change and I do have experience in engine and trans mounts on RWD cars. First off the base of the mount is a bit on the heavy side of things. It also could be tied into the third bolt hole for the stock mount which the current base is not. Whether or not that really has an overall effect on possible lateral movement ? Who knows it would take detailed tests to find out.

I think with a little thought it could be made lighter though. Also the top of the mount could be made of a block of CNC’d aluminum and come in a lot a lighter with no welds( which were a bit sloppy) Considering the fact the factory mount for the car the top is machined cast aluminum. Do not get me wrong the mount works great and does its job superbly. Their is a bit of NVH if you run Air. Without its negligible at best. In that sense its quite livable. It eliminated a lot of TQ steer with my S280 on my pump gas tune. With the E30 tune I have a bit but nothing compared to the failing Powerflex insert it replaced. lol Time for LSD! hahahahaha
I do like it even with these thoughts and critiques. No one else on the market looked at the mount and took this approach with engine and Torque dynamics like these guys did.

Thanks for the feedback. We tested these mounts on rally cars, and the 3rd mounting point was not needed. If we used a machined aluminum piece for the top, it would actually be heavier(due to the thickness needed), and add about $50 to the cost of the mount. Surprised you thought the welds were sloppy? It's MIG welded steel, it's not going to win a beauty contest, but we wouldn't call them sloppy.