Fiesta ST Oil Catch Can kit

$ 190.00

Hose Color
add VTA kit +$25
add hose sleeves +$10

Product Details

The Damond Motorsports Oil Catch Can kits come with everything needed for an optimized Oil Catch Can system. An oil catch can is, in a sense, a filter for the positive crankcase ventilation system. The oil catch can(OCC for short) is used to tap and contain blow-by oils and condensed crankcase gases, that would otherwise flow throughout the PCV system back into the intake tract, and allows for draining of these fluids remotely. With the addition of an OCC kit, blow-by oils and gasses are routed to the OCC, allowing them to be captured. This prevents the blow-by from entering the intake system, where it would otherwise contaminate the clean air entering the engine. Cleaner air leads to better combustion, more power, better fuel economy, less detonation, and less oily build-up on the valves. 

What sets the Damond Motorsports OCC kits apart from the rest, is that we fully test our OCC components, to insure the best OCC set-up for your vehicle. Only high quality components are used in the Damond Motorsports OCC kits. Our OCC kits come tailored to fit your Fiesta ST perfectly, for a no-hassle, quick and simple instillation. We utilize the same quick connectors Ford uses, to ensure a factory-tight seal, as well as an easy install. All the fittings and hoses are pre-assembled on our end, so there's less work for you..

Every DM OCC kit includes a check valve(at no additional cost), to prevent boost from possibly entering the crankcase, via the prone to leaking OEM PCV valve. The check valve allows for a 1-way operation of the OCC system, keeping everything under vacuum, to better help vent the crankcase, and keep unwanted pressure and blow-by from exiting the valve cover port.
The DM Fiesta ST OCC kit connects into the intake manifold/valve cover PCV connection. Most oily blow-by contaminates travel this path from boost into vacuum transitions, where crankcase pressure has the potential to be greater, then the system immediately turns to a slight vacuum. This causes a fine oily mist that would otherwise flow into the intake manifold. With the DM OCC kit in place, the hoses route the blow-by to the OCC, where they can be filtered and cleaner air is sent back into the manifold. In turn the primary benefits are: cleaner air mixture, and less oily build-up on the valves and in the intake manifold.  

Thanks to the feedback and support from our customers, we now have hose sleeving available for the Fiesta ST OCC kit. The sleeves are a nylon braid, intended to protect the hoses from rubbing against other components. While the hoses included in our kits feature multiple layers, these sleeves offer extra peace of mind to prevent the outer layers of the hoses from rubbing in this tight engine bay. Available now for only $10. 

Included in each Damond Motorsports OCC kit:
-A Damond Motorsports OCC 
-OEM quick-connect hose connectors
-Quick-opening/high-flowing check valve, assembled/sealed with fittings
-Pre-cut oil and vacuum resistant hoses, fully assembled with fittings (black, blue, or red)
-Location specific bracket, and mounting hardware to mount the OCC 
-Slim stainless steel hose clamps
-Zip ties to keep the hoses at bay
-Drain barb and hose included
-optional nylon hose sleeves


The DM OCC features:
-Fully welded external aluminum structure. Welded on ports for a nice clean look, and to keep weight at a minimum. 
-Layers and layers and layers of perforated baffle plates, allowing a large surface area for blow-by vapors to latch onto and keep the intake tract clean. The bottom layer features an oil scraper. Blow-by is forced directly onto the scraper, while the air is pushed around the sides of the can to the back of the lower chamber. The air is then drawn up diagonally through 3 more perforated plates, before it exits the top chamber. 
-A super easy to use high flowing drain valve. 
-Powder coated for enhanced durability. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Great Addition

Installed with relative ease. The mounting location is a little tricky and the drain hose does seem like the sidewall is smaller then it should be, but overall really satisfied with the construction, build quality, and the clips made for a great install.

It does catch oil

Install was a breeze. The catch can does capture some oil but it doesn't seem to catch as much as I thought it would. The drain hose that is supplied is too thin and likes to collapse making it hard to drain. I also has an issue with the hose fitting below the drain valve. The threads just were leaking and oil seeped from the hose barb and the hose not fitting onto the fitting well. I had to pull it all out and reroute the drain hose due to it collapsing.

The Best Catch Can for the Fiesta ST

If you are debating between this and another catch can don't. This is simply the best catch can for the fiesta st. It is critical for these ecoboost engines to have some form of catch can due to the high dilution and oil vapor formation these engines create. This can eliminates that on the PCV side completely. Built well, easy to install and it just works exactly how it's advertised. PCV inlet has been bone dry since I installed the can. My only gripe with Damond is that you guys don't make one for the CCV. However, the PCV is the main culprit for dilution and lowering octane. Fantastic catch can wouldn't even consider any other brand.

Excellent for daily/street

Super easy install, looks super clean. Had about 6oz of choco milk after about 3000 miles. I don’t drive super hard all the time so being a catch can it won’t be optimal for any sort of racing application.

Perfect addition!

I could not ask for a better quality product, along with a slick look, you can’t get any better than this.