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DM Mazdaspeed ST Intake Manifold Dyno Data

Since we released the flow data for the Focus ST intake manifold on a Mazdaspeed MZR head in our blog here, we've gotten a lot of support and interest in the kit.  We've also gotten questions about what the flow numbers actually mean when it comes to power.  Like many of our followers we are data and science driven, so we obliged. 

Instead of doing the math, we decided we're going to show you the difference.  The dyno data below is from a customer car that was recently tuned.  It's a Gen2 Mazdaspeed3 with a built motor powered by a big turbo, and equipped with an auxiliary meth fuel system.

This is back-to-back data taken hours apart with no changes except the manifold and modifications required for it.  The tune is identical.


The better flowing intake manifold allows this motor to take advantage of the air the turbo is able to put out, adding more than 30 WHP in some areas. 

Although not measured in this test, the flow bench results shown indicate that the power output across cylinders is also better balanced now, an important characteristic when adding non-port injected auxiliary fueling. 

Track and now Dyno Tested.  Keep watching for updates on availability, coming soon.

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