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Damond Blog-Damond Motorsports Mazdaspeed ST Manifold Adapter Kit

Damond Motorsports Mazdaspeed ST Manifold Adapter Kit

Hope everyone has enjoyed our teaser so far on the Focus ST manifold on a Mazdaspeed3! We have been testing on our test car for 8 months, and we’re very excited to be offering a kit allowing you to run an amazing flowing manifold, without breaking the bank.

For those who don’t know, the Focus ST intake manifold is a composite plastic center throttle body fed manifold. It flows insanely well and has incredible flow balance between each intake runner. How’s over 700CFM with the Mazdaspeed head at maximum valve lift with less than a 2% flow imbalance sound? Take a look at the flow bench results below. You can see how imbalanced the factory Mazdaspeed manifold is. The highest HP Focus ST, built by our friends at Dead Hook Motorsports, is still on the factory manifold. It’s also lightweight and rather inexpensive. 

Here’s what we plan on offering in a kit:

-ST Manifold to Mazdaspeed DISI head adapter. This was designed to mate the ST manifold to the DISI head. It’s thick enough to provide clearance needed for the fuel rail sensor, and thin enough to provide clearance from the manifold to the fan shroud and lines. We plan to offer the flange in both PI and non-PI configurations. Non-PI will be the first ones available, with the PI kits coming shortly after. The non-PI flanges are tapped for meth if you want to do PI meth.

That’s the main component. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as just making an adapter flange and bolting the manifold up. There is A LOT of other components needed to make this manifold work. That’s what where here for though, to provide a kit allowing for an easy integration of the ST manifold on the DISI head.

-A vacuum block that mounts in place of the ST’s sound symposer port is included, along with the necessary fittings and hoses to connect into the factory vacuum lines or replace them.

-Since the throttle body is in the middle of the manifold pointing downward, the factory throttle body connector will not reach to the new location… As an option we’ll be including a pre-wired harness extension, so you can just plug it all in.

-The factory PCV connection on the ST uses a pretty sweet squeeze quick connector. Included will be that pre-assembled with hose and a fitting(used to screw into our check valves if you have our Mazdaspeed OCC kit. If not, there’ll be an adapter instead of the fitting, so you can connect into your PCV line).

-A dipstick mounting bracket, and all other hardware is included.

We do intend on offering a cold pipe solution, but it’s a bit tricky at the moment, because there’s so many FMIC kits out there. We’re wanting to get the first of these kits to people with enough experience to make their own cold pipe solution, and to receive feedback on what works best and what doesn’t. If we can include a cold pipe that will work with many different FMICs, we plan to do so, but not until we can find a nice solution. For the hot pipe, under-route kits are the best option, but the cobb FMIC hot pipe may work as well. We’re also going to see what’s needed if at all possible to make this work with a TMIC.

The manifold itself has to also be modified to fit. We may offer pre-fab’d manis, but we will be offering instructions on what needs to be done(if you have a Gen1 MS3, Gen2 MS3, or MS6), if you’d like to pick the manifold up yourself and do the work. The first run of adapter kits will be for the Gen2 MS3, as we’re still in the process of testing and fitment on the Gen1 and MS6.


Price is TBA, the first adapter kits will be available late June. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Guillaume Bergeron - June 21, 2016

Another ms6 waiting for this!!

Eric Flecha - June 11, 2016

You guys should call this the STeed Frankenfold! Haha.

2014 ST here, welcome to the party.

David Pelcheck - May 30, 2016

I am ready for this mani!

leo - May 28, 2016

omg thank you! finally, a manifold possibility without the stupid location! there is a god! shame that its a shame ms6 will take a little longer, i wonder what gets in the way i mean the motors are identical to the t i thought with the excpetion of the sligh changes to the valve covers pcv system later on… o well… i am just excited to see what possibilities this opens up for shorter FMIC piping

Jay - May 28, 2016

I’m in for a MS6 kit!

Danny Johnson - May 27, 2016

Another MS6 begging for this solution!

Chris mount - May 26, 2016

Very interesting!

Eric Yarbrough - May 26, 2016

Sign me and my MS6 up!

michael colon - May 26, 2016

I’ve been talking with Wetz and you guys the past week about this. I already have a manifold waiting. I will be looking for some hot pipe choices so I can still use the current setup I have which is the original protégé garage piping with a tr8 intercooler. Please let me know when I can purchase the kit asap so I can begin working out a piping solution.

jim shannon - May 26, 2016

shut up and take my money

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