Mazdaspeed3 Side Motor Mount Combo

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Looking to plant power to the ground, reduce drivetrain slop, drastically lessen wheel hop, all while adding minimal NVH? Look no further, Damond Motorsports has the answer in the DM Side Motor Mount Combo for the Mazdaspeed3.

New PMM redesign and lower price!   


The Damond Motorsports PMM/TMM design:
-The bushings are orientated properly to support the motor and absorb vibrations across the whole bushing.
-This allows us to use stiff bushings without increasing NVH to unbearable levels. Orientating the bushing carrier in a transverse manner further reduces NVH, as less stress is put on bushing flanges.
-Full length welded steel bases, and top PMM/TMM pieces. 
-CAD designed, and FEA, and street/track tested. You can't make enough power to break this thing.

The Damond Motorsports PMM/TMM specs:
-Machined aluminum bushing carrier, anodized gold or black
-Lower mount base and top bases are high strength steel welded, and super thick gloss black powder coating
-All high grade fasteners, and nylon lock nuts
-OTS Energy poly bushings
-Minimal added vibes, along with lots of tire spinning instead of wheel hop.

Customer Reviews

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Love them, good quality, easy to install and works great. Car feels more solid now and vibrations aren’t bad at all, not to mention not having worry about the stock pmm blowing out and shooting hydraulic fluid everywhere. Definitely recommend!

Great mounts just give them time to break in

I installed both driver and passenger mounts at the same time. My rear mount is a e-focus mount, may get the Damond later on. Install was easy and only took about 45 mins or so. I’m a auto tech so I had all the right tools on hand. The vibes wasn’t that bad, some at start up and while starting off in gear but none really while moving. The noise on the other hand was horrible. I think the transmission mount is the noisiest of the two. I heard nothing but gear whine,bearing noise and lots of clutch chatter (solid flywheel) mostly in low gears. I was starting to wonder if I was going to be able to handle the noise being a daily driver and everything sounding like it was falling apart. I decided to give it some time to put some miles on the car and see what I thought after. It’s been only about maybe 400 miles and the noise has been cut in half. I don’t really notice it anymore and I think it will get even better over time. These are very well made mounts and I don’t see them going bad anytime soon. It’s a good trade off for no more torque steer, better shifting and an all around solid feel just to deal with being a little uncomfortable while they break in.

Best mounts I've ever used. Period

I recently installed the Damond TMM and PMM (Black/Red) and frankly, I'm shocked.

I have been "fully mounted" on various platforms (Honda, Subaru, Mazda) and manufacturers (Hybrid,Perrin) and have always chosen the stiffest mount possible, short of full steel. Immediately after installation on cold start cranking with the Damond mounts, the in-car vibrations were so low that I wouldn't have guessed there were aftermarket mounts installed. My fiance had no idea of what I installed and she didn't pick up on anything new.

The install instructions were straightforward (although online-only) but by following the instructions I had zero issues installing.

I have since put about 400 miles on the car and the only hint of the mounts is slight vibration at tip-in from a dead stop and being able to hear the transmission gears. Shifts are precise and always in the exact same spot. The car feels "planted" and I have a much more tactical feel for the road now. I'm happy, she doesn't complain. Win:Win.

Best Mounts Period.

Best you can get!

These motor mounts are the best money can buy. Blows JBR’s out of the water. Expect a little bit of added vibes since they’re stiffer, but Once they break in they feel just a hair stiffer than OEM. Worth every penny and would buy again if i had to. Great Product Overall.

Great mounts!

I have the old version of the PMM and TMM combo from Damond, and having ran them for over 2 years, I would say the only major downsides would be the significant NVH increase. But then that would be comparing to stock, taking into account the 90 duro bushings, the ride quality is actually surprisingly good.
With that aside, what you get is a solid driving car, and peace of mind that no hydraulic fluid is going to burst into your engine bay. The mounts have been in my speed since 2015, and they have performed flawlessly. Customer service was also great when I called them for questions during my install.
Overall this is a great product and is probably one of the best mounts in regards of getting the most performance without sacrificing too much comfort. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an overall improvement in driving feel.