Mazdaspeed6 Rear Motor Mount

$ 125.00

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The Damond Motorsports Rear Motor Mount for the Mazdaspeed6 was designed to drastically reduce engine movement, take anything your MS6 can throw at it, all while keeping added NVH minimized. 
This RMM starts life as a solid stout chunk of alloyed aluminum. Once it’s machined to size we add two pairs of off the shelf bushings sourced from the market leader of polyurethane bushings. The bushing pairs themselves are specified at different durometers, allowing both high and low frequency vibrations to be absorbed, throughout the entire RPM range. The sleeves housed in each bushing pair are the appropriate length for optimal fitment on the Mazdaspeed6. This means no cutting out the rear tabs in the subframe, and no bending of the triangle support bracket that fixes the mount to the transmission. 
Available in Black anodize with Black or Red bushings, and free shipping in the US!
With this mount there will be added NVH over stock, as well as a slight break-in period for NVH to settle. Sleeves are now black anodized. 

Customer Reviews

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Oliver Nunez
Perfect product

So happy with this purchase, easy to install and feel good.

Jomar Ocasio
Awesome product

Great product, easy install and less vibrations than other rear motor mount i had, i recommended to anyone!

Thought it was over hyped but I was dead wrong

I legitimately thought that people were just overhyping damond mounts but after I put it on and pulled out of the driveway I said "oh my god" out loud because of how much better it was it just makes the car feel solid and makes it feel like the engine is actually connected to the car it's almost not even comparable to the stock mount

Zach Weber
Rear motor mount

Haven’t installed yet. Car is still in pieces. But great company to work with

Loads of vibes

Great material and the mount does what it's supposed to, definitely less slop. I am shocked at the amount of vibes it introduced, I've driven about 500 miles since installation and the vibes are still insane. It took away the slight "luxury" feeling that the 6 offered in terms of ride and cabin comfort. The spot where I cruise at the most (around 2300 RPM) now vibrates so much through the cabin & steering wheel I actually don't want to drive it anymore, and at this point I'm ashamed to have passengers due to exactly that.

Installation was also a huge pain. The small side of the mount didn't fit as easy as expected, the polyurethane was was about 3-4mm too thick to fit into the stock location, so I had to remove an extra 19mm gearbox bolt and persuade the bracket with a hammer ever so slightly, probably got it around 2mm wider, and the mount was still a huge pain to get in after that (needed a mallet).

Would 100% still recommend it for a non-daily.