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Audi A3 / VW Golf Mk4 / New Beetle Upper Gearbo...
$ 33.99

Audi A3 / VW Golf Mk4 / New Beetle Upper Gearbox Mount Insert

Original price $ 33.99 - Original price $ 36.99
Original price
$ 33.99
$ 33.99 - $ 36.99
Current price $ 33.99
Type: Street

Debuted in 1996, VAG’s PQ34 platform provides the foundation for many of Europe’s most popular vehicles of the time.With the earliest vehicles reaching a quarter-century in age, but still much-loved by several car scenes across the globe, it’s no wonder that we’re still being asked for parts for them.The OE rubber engine/trans mounts soften and perish with age and usage, and in extreme cases can rupture and crack leading to failure. This can result in the following symptoms -Knocking noisesExcessive engine movementImprecise shiftingVague throttle responseWheel hop from standing startsOur inserts reduce engine and trans movement, resulting in the following -Sharper throttle responseMore accurate gear changesReduced wheel hopImproved tractionProlonged mount lifeAvailable in 3 material variants, you can choose the insert that best fits your needs.These new parts are also the perfect accompaniment to our already very popularPFF85-420 Lower Engine Dog Bone Mountand ourPFF85-440 Upper Engine Mountfor peak engine/trans stability.

This part fits the following models:
A3 Mk1 4WD (1999-2003)
A3 Mk1 2WD (1996-2003)
Beetle & Cabrio 2WD
Beetle & Cabrio 4Motion
Golf Mk4 (1998-2006)
Golf Mk4 R32 (2004-2006)

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Adam Herring
Mount insert

Arrived quickly and as described. Very pleased