Mazdaspeed6 Passenger Side Motor Mount

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Looking to plant power to the ground, reduce drivetrain slop, drastically lessen wheel hop, all while adding minimal NVH? Look no further, Damond Motorsports has the answer in the DM PMM for the Mazdaspeed6.


The Damond Motorsports PMM design:
  • The bushings are orientated properly to support the motor and absorb vibrations across the whole bushing.
  • This allows us to use stiff bushings without increasing NVH to unbearable levels. Orientating the bushing carrier in a transverse manner further reduces NVH, as less stress is put on bushing flanges.
  • Full length welded steel base and top piece.  
  • CAD designed, and FEA, and street tested.  You can't make enough power to break this thing.
The Damond Motorsports PMM specs:
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Machined aluminum bushing carrier, anodized gold or black
  • Lower mount base and top base are high strength steel welded, and powder coated black
  • All high grade fasteners, and nylon lock nuts
  • OTS Energy poly bushings
  • Minimal added vibes
  • OPTIONAL: Super high grade 14.9 timing cover studs for only $5 more

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
High Quality PMM

The mount is really well made and the install is super simple. My stock PMM was still in decent shape but putting the Damond mount in feels so much better. Not a huge fan of messing with the valve cover and the ground wire, and I had to fiddle with the wire a bit for it to not rub against my ABS lines. I wish there was a better option for that, but otherwise it's a great product!

Perfect mix of stiffness and not harsh NVH

This motor motor is the best on the market with out a doubt! I originally purchased the RMM due to it always making the engine rock even under 3-4000 rpm shifts so not anything aggressive and that fixed that perfectly but after about a week of driving I was doing a uturn and a car was coming up quick so I did a little pull (I don’t constantly do pulls so this was my first time driving hard with the new mount) and I felt my Engine shift so i knew it was time for the PMM! The PMM is amazing quality and holds up well, I feel no Engine movements anymore and it actually helps reduce the RMM NVH and both of these MM feel close to stock. First time riders might not notice honestly that’s how amazing these mounts are! You are missing out if you don’t own these!

Excellent quality mount

Got this to replace my broken PMM. Mount was shot, cracked rubber with a little bit of grease leaking. Swapped it out for the Damond PMM and my vibes were actually decreased, probably due to the OEM mount being quite floppy. Engine feels nice and tight between shifts and during hard acceleration. I have the Corksport RMM now and plan on upgrading the TMM soon. Worth every penny.

If you own a ms6 this is the way to go!

First off I love how study this mount is. Well built, looks decent and not difficult to install. Only issue I had personally is a 12 year old original hardware. I would suggest getting new nuts for the studs. Other then that it's a great mount!

The only nhv I notice is in the armrest area. Low rpm and idle are the only time you really feel it. Smooth on accel, feels really robust.

Great replacement for the factory item.

Easy to put together and install. The unit looks really nice and performs great! Slight vibration increase (but not excessive) and after two factory mounts collapsing in less than a year it is a far better option. The only comment (not intended to be negative) I would make is I wasn’t to sure about the earth relocation as it’s a bit of a stretch to mount to the rocker cover so I decided to move it to one of the mounting studs which worked fine. Overall very happy with it and would recommend to others if you decide to upgrade the factory mount! Cheers.