Oil Catch Can VTA Option

$ 35.00

Product Details

This allows the Damond Motorsports OCC to vent pressure when excess pressure is present in the crankcase. This option contains a VTA breather filter and check valve. The check valve allows one way flow of pressure out of the can, while the filter keeps debris away from the check valve. The filters are completely washable and re-usable.

The Damond Motorsports VTA option is perfect for high boosting K04's, BNR's, and other bigger turbo options.  

Note: Not compatible with MS6 OCC Stage 1 Location 1, and Focus ST Stage 1 Location 1 OCC kits.

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Quick install, helps the crank case breathe a little bit more and help even better when you have 2 OCC setups with the breathers on it.

Did not come with what is in the picture.

Took awhile for the order to be fulfilled & shipped here to Pennsylvania. I received a different red VTA filter than I had & whats in the picture. I did receive a pressure valve and clamp. No new bracket which I was hoping for since the one I have is paint chipped now from elements of daily driving.

An absolute must for relieving crank case pressure

I had crankcase pressure issues prior to installing this kit. I was absolutely ecstatic to see that such a simple kit could fix such a major problem. 10/10 would recommend


I found out about this product through my soon to be tuners recommendation. Matt was incredible with helping me retrofit this VTA setup to a generic catch can that I have installed previously. I tapped my can and fit this kit to it and couldn’t be happier. Perfect for high boost application. Thank you so much! Very pleased.

Only one complaint

it's pretty easy to install, but there are no instructions at all, even online.