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Oil Catch Can
$ 130.00

Oil Catch Can

Original price $ 130.00 - Original price $ 160.00
Original price
$ 130.00
$ 130.00 - $ 160.00
Current price $ 130.00
OCC Barb Size: 5/8" barbs
OCC Configuration: Sealed
The Damond Motorsports Oil Catch Can is one of the lightest most well constructed OCCs on the market. These OCCs are sold individually for those looking to piece together their own OCC/PCV set-ups. 
The Damond Motorsports OCC features:
  • Extremely light weight, 0.75-0.9lbs 338-408g
  • Fully welded external aluminum structure.
  • Welded on barb ports, sizes available 3/8" or 5/8"
  • Welded on mounting base with two M6 threaded holes(bolts and bracket included)
  • Super easy to use high flowing drain valve(plastic drain barb included)
  • Powder coated for enhanced durability
  • 3 configurations: Sealed, 1-way VTA vent, Straight Vent

The Magic inside the OCC: 

  • Layers and layers and layers of perforated baffle plates(3 layers total), allowing a large surface area for blow-by vapors to latch onto and keep the intake tract clean. The bottom layer features an oil deflector. Blow-by is forced directly onto the deflector, while the air is pushed around the sides of the can to the back of the lower chamber. The air is then drawn up diagonally through the 3 perforated plates, trapping and condensing any remaining blow-by, before clean air exits the top chamber. 

OCC Variations:

  • Sealed: Sealed OCC with threaded plug on top. 
  • 1-way VTA Vent: 1-way vent valve threaded on top of the OCC concealed by a high quality high-flow filter. Pressure can only vent from the OCC. Ideal for some boosted applications where crankcase pressure is an issue. If the OCC will see boost pressure an in-line check valve is recommended.
  • Straight Vent: Straight thru fitting on top of the OCC concealed by a high quality high-flow filter, allowing for free flow venting. Ideal for high power racing applications, which need to vent the crankcase. 

Questions about which OCC is best for your application, don't hesitate to reach out! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great cans

These cans catch all the nasty junk just like they are meant to. Helps keep that intake nice and clean like it should be!

Jaen Garcia
Always awesome.

What can I say that you have not already heard? Damond has amazing products. This catch can is incredibly made and easy to install.

Christian Hugo
Damond Delivers Again!

The quality of this catch can is so good! Purchased a 1 way VTA can to run alongside an existing sealed OCC for my gen 2 MS3. I really wish I would have run dual OCC's from the beginning. If you're gonna get a catch can, or dual catch cans, do it right from the beginning with Damond's OCC's!

David Lundgren
One of these belong on every turbo and or DI vehicle.

I recently sold my Mazdaspeed6 to purchase a dedicated track car, and through forum and FB scrounging I quickly found out that my motor swapped rx8 would need a catch can. I had more or less bought everything Damond made for my speed, so back to Damond I went. I did some measurements, and bought just a basic can, and it works great. It looks like it belongs, and its keeping my valves clean. It came with everything I needed, extra hardware, clamps, and more than enough hoses. Also, whoever packs these boxes is a wizard. I dont know how it all fit in that tiny box, I could not re pack it to save my life. Anyways, if you have a DI car with an intact PCV system, you need one of these, and you cant go wrong with anything Damond. It works as it should, and it supports a local small business that doesn't outsource overseas.

Adam Billings
Great addition

This catch can is a perfect addition to my turbo Miata build. The full vented on is pretty tall so think about where you will be mounting it. Mine went on a 99 Miata. Quality is top notch and it looks great!