Oil Catch Can

$ 130.00

Vented option

Product Details

The Damond Motorsports oil catch can is now available! For your set-up, you can now purchase the DM OCC and other components separately from our OCC kits. 
The DM OCC features:
-Fully welded external aluminum structure.
-Welded on ports for a nice clean look, and to keep weight at a minimum. 
-Welded on mounting base with two M6 threaded holes(bolts included)
-Two hose barb sizes available 3/8" or 5/8"
-Layers and layers and layers of perforated baffle plates(3 layers total), allowing a large surface area for blow-by vapors to latch onto and keep the intake tract clean. The bottom layer features an oil scraper. Blow-by is forced directly onto the scraper, while the air is pushed around the sides of the can to the back of the lower chamber. The air is then drawn up diagonally through 3 more perforated plates, before it exits the top chamber. 
-A super easy to use high flowing drain valve is included, as well as a drain plug.
-Optional DM VTA valve and filter or straight vent and filter.
-Powder coated for enhanced durability.

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