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Brake Fluid Type: Motul 5.1

Now offering 5.1 , RBF 600, and RBF 660! Get your car on the track and keep your brakes in check!

Here's our buyers guide for Motul Brake Fluid: 

Motul 5.1

  • Ideal for use in street cars, AutoX, and cars that see very light track use. Meets many OE specifications for low viscosity; great for ABS system performance. 
  • Dry boiling point: 516F
  • Wet boiling point: 369F
  • Recommended change interval 1-2 years

Motul RBF 600

  • Ideal for dual duty street and track cars, as well as drag use. 
  • Dry boiling point: 594F
  • Wet boiling point: 399F
  • Recommended change interval 6mo-1 year

Motul RBF 660

  • Ideal for track cars that see very high brake temperatures. 
  • Dry boiling point: 622F
  • Wet boiling point: 399F
  • Recommended change interval 3-6mo

Generic info: 

  • Sold in 1/2L Bottle (16.9 fluid oz.), 2 bottles recommended for a full system flush on the Mazdaspeeds, Focus, and Fiestas.
  • The RBF fluids far exceed the standards of DOT 4, DOT 3, and DOT 5.1
  • Each bottle is filled with Nitrogen, increasing shelf life and eliminating contamination while factory sealed
  • Due to this item being a liquid, it must ship via ground services, and does not qualify for our Free Shipping. We do not ship this item internationally. 

Motul 5.1 Technical Data Sheet

Motul RBF 600 Technical Data Sheet

Motul RBF 660 Technical Data Sheet

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Jorge Del Valle
    A true 10

    Made a full flush on the brake system and replace the rubber brake hose to a metal one, and the braking action of my ST is way superior than stock!!!!