Mazdaspeed6 Power Steering Cooler Kit

$ 95.00

Add hose for front hardline replacement

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The Damond Motorsports Power Steering Cooler Kit, for the 06-07 Mazdaspeed6, is ideal for lowering power steering temperatures on the track and the street. Our Power Steering Cooler Kits utilize a stacked plate cooler design, over a tube and fin design. The stacked plate cooler design can provide more effective cooling with a smaller sized cooler, and it is more durable, compared to tube and fin design coolers. During our testing, on a smaller cooler (50% less surface area than the coolers in the kits), we achieved 15-25% cooler fluid temperatures, depending on the air flow to the cooler. 

Our power steering cooler kits are complete kits, and we include everything needed to install the cooler. The cooler itself is mounted in the same location as the factory hardline, and hot air is pulled from the wheel well shroud. Fog light shroud can be modified to provide more air flow to the cooler. The factory hardline tends to leak around the cooling fins, making the DM PS cooler kit a low cost alternative, for a factory hardline replacement. 



Customer Reviews

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clear directions,well made thanks

works great

and saved me about 400$ over the original Mazda part. gonna use Diamond again and again. thanks!!

Excellent Product!

Product works as advertised, easy installation procedure, and a great alternative to OEM PS components. Recommend purchasing the additional hose. DM never disappoints in service and quality, highly recommended product!

Brilliant piece!

Inexpensive price, does a great job. I'm curious as to what the cooler was originally designed for. It's basically designed like oil or transmission coolers, but much smaller than those typically are. It is big enough for the job at hand, I'm not complaining. And I know Damond sells a similar unit with a bigger cooler. But it's not necessary for most people. I'm just curious as to what the original purpose was. In any case, he gives you the parts you need to mount it and is so much better than stock.

Power steering kit

This kit was a God send after getting quote from Mazda for their OEM replacement. Mechanic who does maintenance on my '07 Speed6 had to do a bit of cutting and fitting(not due to Damond kit)but due to aftermarket intake kit which intruded on area where kit was to fit.
Ordered kit after some correspondence with DS and kit arrived very quickly and in good order. I would unequivocally recommend DS for product quality, good communication, fast shipping and the price on this kit was a MEGA saving over what Mazda wanted.

Bravo, Damond Motorsports!