Mazdaspeed6 Power Steering Cooler Kit

$ 95.00

Add hose for front hardline replacement

Product Details

The Damond Motorsports Power Steering Cooler Kit, for the 06-07 Mazdaspeed6, is ideal for lowering power steering temperatures on the track and the street. Our Power Steering Cooler Kits utilize a stacked plate cooler design, over a tube and fin design. The stacked plate cooler design can provide more effective cooling with a smaller sized cooler, and it is more durable, compared to tube and fin design coolers. During our testing, on a smaller cooler (50% less surface area than the coolers in the kits), we achieved 15-25% cooler fluid temperatures, depending on the air flow to the cooler. 

Our power steering cooler kits are complete kits, and we include everything needed to install the cooler. The cooler itself is mounted in the same location as the factory hardline, and hot air is pulled from the wheel well shroud. Fog light shroud can be modified to provide more air flow to the cooler. The factory hardline tends to leak around the cooling fins, making the DM PS cooler kit a low cost alternative, for a factory hardline replacement. 



Customer Reviews

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Lifesaver part made in mexico

I was very impressed with the quality of the kit provided. I’m not a mechanic so I could’ve used slightly better directions for the layperson but that’s just my fault. I will look for more products from these people for my ms6.

Nice item, a few other parts may be needed

very nice build quality on this kit and for the price i can't grumble.

the radiator installed fine but upon trying to install the line it was very tricky trying to get the rubber hose onto a 12mm pipe with a ridge on it. 8mm over 14mm or so is a big ask in the first place but with string in the rubber (reinforced as it should be) i was destroying the inside of the pipe trying to fit it.

What we did was cut the lines on the car and trimmed the plastic sheathing back, then put a 12mm to 10mm compression fitting on it with around 70mm of 10mm pipe sticking out of the fitting and with an olive compressed onto the end of it to make a ridge. then it was just a question of putting the pipe over and using the existing jubilee clips to secure the line in place at the radiator end and the 'car' end.

a bit Heath Robinson by my standards but no bearing on the kit. Its a lot easier than replacing all the lines especially the line that goes under the driveshaft.

for the price and the usability of the kit it gets top marks from me.

Super Happy!!!

The OEM power steering cooler had tons of holes in it and I replaced it with the Damond powering steering cooler this weekend. Great product and I do not have to worry about continuing to fill my power steering reservoir every few days. High quality and I totally recommend.

Great Product

Looks and feels like a quality product. Steering feels great. I installed this because my factory cooler started leaking and Mazda wanted $400+ dollars for stock replacement. IMO great upgrade for a quarter of the cost. Install took awhile but I was also doing it with a floor jack in my gravel driveway making it difficult to reach the spring clips.

So far I love all the damond parts I have installed and plan on purchasing many more. The ms6 platform is very limited and you guys are a shining beacon of quality and hope for future products. Keep up the good work guys!

Must have for many reasons!

This is a really cool product. Its a super reasonably priced fix and upgrade for a known weak spot in the Speed6 universe. The stock cooler is a known leak spot, and rusts super easy. This thing not only adds an actual cooler- stock is just circle fins that get crusty- but gives you flexible routing of the PS lines. This is basically a necessity for a front mount IC with the Damond ST mani kit. Anyways, highly recommend.