Mazdaspeed3 Brake Caliper Bushings

$ 75.00


Product Details

We are excited to bring a low-cost performance brake modification to your Mazdaspeed3! The Damond Motorsports Caliper Bushings have many amazing benefits over the factory style rubber slide bushings. Each bushing is machined to very tight tolerances to allow significantly less caliper deflection under braking. This in turn leads to many performance gains, that you can actually feel and experience on your car. Whether you daily drive or track/race your vehicle, you'll be confident in your stopping ability with the Damond Motorsports Caliper Bushings. 

Brake bushing benefits:

  • Improved pedal feel
  • Improved brake modulation
  • Improved braking response
  • More even pad wear
  • More even rotor wear
  • Longer maintenance intervals compared to non-sealed bushings

Brake bushings info:

  • Sold per axle, 2 bushings per caliper, 4 bushings per kit/axle
  • Available for both front and rear calipers
  • Features an o-ring grove and are supplied with caps to prevent moisture, dust, and debris into the bushing
  • Machined out of Brass, and we include high-temp o-rings & caps, and stainless snap-rings 

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
David Mulfinger
Fits and Finish is great

For sure don't over extend the little c-clips it is easy to do. Initial impressions are that the pedal gives much more feedback. The on and off of brakes is smoother and much quicker. I have noticed that I can modulate the brake more and it responds quicker which before the brakes would grab but only after a certain amount of effort as they were not sliding as smooth.

Jayson Antonucci
Damond caliper bushings are amazing

Helped alot with uneven pad wear. Just overall must if you do high speed braking. Which i do all the time.

Justin f
Great product

I was having issues with my calipers tearing up my rotors. This has solved the issue! They were a lot cheaper than a new caliper too

Michael vrionis
Awsome product

Love the product everything fit really well and works great. As per usual the guys at damond have made an inexpensive and useful upgrade that ill use for many years to come .cant wait to get my next item in the not too distant future from these guys!


Just upgraded all brake components and went with these to make a solid package