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Mazdaspeed Short Shift Plate
$ 45.00

Mazdaspeed Short Shift Plate

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$ 45.00
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Color: Black

The Damond Morotsports Short Shifter Plate(SSP), is a great way to shorten the shifter throw on your Mazdaspeed3 and Mazdaspeed6.

The Damond Motorsports SSP works by moving the ball on which the shifter cable is mounted closer to the input selector fork, thus reducing the throw of the shifts. The shifter itself retains the factory height. The SSP attaches to the transmission shifter assembly in a slide over and under fashion, and is locked into place with the included hardware. The hardware supplied allows the SSP to be installed with or without the factory shift weight.

We have spent much time in the development of our SSP to provide a great feeling shifter without the risk of any binding of components. Our SSP was designed to offer the absolute most in reduction without the shifter cable boots rubbing against the shifter assembly. The overall goal was shift feel where reduction came second. Our SSP's do not use any standoffs and do not drastically raise the shifter ball assembly, both of which that could result in binding or damage to the shift cables or improper shifter feel. The Damond Motorsports SSP's are machined out of aircraft grade aluminum for strength, and to keep less weight on the shifter assembly.


Available in Black or Gold anodize

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Jason Jones
Perfect Fit

Perfect fit and all hardware needed. Highly recommend for the Speed platform for shifting ease and comfort.

Damond Motorsports makes great products to include my vented oil catch can and motor mounts.


Works great easier shifts and nice for daily use!


Excellent quality

Chris Taber

Can’t complain. Super easy to install and feels a lot shorter. Would definitely recommend.

Lee FuGeng
Great service.

Good product,the shifting is shorter than previously.