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Mazda PCV Plate
$ 150.00

Mazda PCV Plate

Original price $ 150.00 - Original price $ 195.00
Original price
$ 150.00
$ 150.00 - $ 195.00
Current price $ 150.00
Color: Black
Add OEM gasket: No
Add PCV valve: No

Product revision! Larger ports, and added baffle! Same great price!

What does the Damond Motorsports PCV Plate do, and what does it offer?

The PCV plate is a fully machined replacement of the factory PCV oil separator plate, with a port machined to accept an OEM Mazda PCV valve and o-ring, as well as two additional large -10 ports, thus allowing you to run a variety of PCV and OCC set-ups. With this latest version we have added a baffle plate to help reduce the amount of blow-by out of the PCV plate. 

Incorporating a PCV valve port onto our plate means you are able to maintain the correct amount of vacuum on the crankcase, under all engine vacuum conditions. With the additional ports, you’re now able to easily and cleanly run dual OCC set-ups in whatever configuration that suits your car best to relieve excess crankcase pressure. The PCV valve is held into the the DM PCV plate with a retaining ring, allowing for easier install and removal of the valve. 

To purchase hose fittings please visit: here 

For more info on different dual OCC set-ups, please visit our blog page here


Each Damond Motorsports PCV plate comes with the following: 

  • 1 x Damond PCV plate
  • 2 x -10 JIC flare fitting
  • 2 x -10 plugs
  • 1 x stainless steel retaining ring
  • 1 x OEM size o-ring for the PCV valve
  • 8 x high grade mounting bolts

Optional extras that can be purchased along with the PCV plate: 

  • OEM Mazda PCV valve for Mazdaspeed3, Mazdaspeed6, and Mazda CX-7
  • OEM gasket, shared part between Mazda and Ford
  • PCV valve plug, for dry sump set-ups or if you plan to run a straight vented set-up with the PCV valve deleted
  • Hose fittings available here


Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Pat Galpin
Damond PCV Plate

I am by no means an expert on these things.

With that said, the functional difference between the OEM plate and Damonds is obvious. The crevices and shaping on the internals of the OEM (which is just plastic) leads to build up and around the PCV output. My vehicle has ~120k and there was a nice layer of build-up on the internals of the OEM plate (to be expected). With Damond's, the simplicity of the design lends to better flow. There is no excess room within the internals (both have baffles, but I believe Damond's is a dimensionally larger) so you get a single PCV flat plate, snug against your block. Plus, the additional ports accommodate different OCC setups - a very good feature for those who do wish to push their engines even further.

A major difference is the angle at which the PCV valve is located. OEM has it sticking up, which, with an OEM setup may be cumbersome to disconnect and reconnect (assuming no new hose is added), but Damond's is coming out perpendicular to the block, giving you a different angle of approach for hose connections for the OCC.

I would suggest this to anyone looking to upgrade the plate to fit an OCC setup, but I do not believe it would be something you should have without an OCC planned. This plate is meant for OCC use, and future growth.

Good product

Great build quality and design. Just a bit tricky to install by needing to take the intake manifold off.

Chris Dominguez

Great product fast shipping and looks great will continue to buy more things for my gen 1 speed here for sure

Gapped Performance

Could not be happier with this product, we have supplied these plates to over 10 speeds in South Africa. Great quality product and even better customer service from Damond Motorsport team. Keep it up 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Livan Hernandez
Overall rating

Fast shipping and great quality parts