Focus ST/RS Passenger Side Motor Mount

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The Damond Motorsports Passenger Side Motor Mount is a must have for any MK3 Focus ST/RS enthusiast looking to keep their powertrain solidly planted, drastically reducing wheel-hop and torque-steer, all while adding less NVH than the competition.  Damond Mounts are ran on the quickest most powerful track Focus ST's and RS's, as well as many enthusiast's daily drivers. 

The Damond Motorsports PMM design:

  • The bushings are orientated properly to support the motor and absorb vibrations across the whole bushing.
  • This allows us to use stiff bushings without increasing NVH to unbearable levels. Orientating the bushing carrier in a transverse manner further reduces NVH, as less stress is put on bushing flanges.
  • Full length welded steel base and top pieces. 
  • CAD designed, and FEA, street & track tested.  You can't make enough power to break this thing.

The Damond Motorsports PMM specs:

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Machined aluminum bushing carrier, anodized gold or black
  • Lower mount base and top piece are high strength steel welded and powder coated black
  • All high grade fasteners, and lock nuts, new 14.9 grade studs provided for the timing cover 
  • OTS Energy poly bushings
  • Minimal added vibes, along with lots of tire spinning instead of wheel hop.

NEW! Bushing stiffness options! 

  • Street 70a or Race 88a bushing stiffness now available
  • Street bushings are for those looking to keep added NVH to a minimum
  • Race bushings are for those wanting the best performance and least engine movement
  • Bushing selection currently only applies to the side mounts. In full mount sets, the rear mount uses the "race" bushings

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Note: With this mount there will be added NVH over stock, as well as a slight break-in period for NVH to settle. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Oliver Desit
Excellent upgrade!

Original mount failed with a crack (common issue) and decided to replace it. NVH was pretty harsh on idle + aircon with the broken mount due to also having an uprated rear motor mount.
After being unable to source a replacement from competitors for several months, found the Damond motor sports site by pure chance, ordered and had it within the week with international shipping, definitely impressed as couldn't source one at all locally or overseas for the UK.
Installed and impressed with the NVH, was actually less than before the broken stock one,but nothing to complain about. The pull from standstill and lack of engine movement 100% makes this a must upgrade in my opinion, helps with grip and overall body handling (aesthetically looks really good too matching a red colured car). Top product!


I unfortunately have not had as much time in my car as I would like but what time I have been able to spend in my car puts a smile on my face. The install was simple and you can feel the difference right away. I could see how some would not like the increased cabin noise and NVH. (It does lessen after putting a drive on the car) But I enjoy it, makes me feel more connected with the car and it’s a subtle but welcome change to the engine bay. Thank you DM for producing a great functional and visually pleasing product!

Andy Brazil

Great mount. Easy install and you can feel the difference it makes. 100% recommend.

Adam Sepulveda
Motor mounts


Simply the best .. FORD Focus st Motor mount

After installing the motor mount, which took me a little time just because I want to be precise about everything. I started her up and literally the feel was like stock. As far as vibration noise I couldn’t really tell the difference from the stock one. But were the difference that I could definitely feel was like separated and hit the gas from 0 to 60, keep in mind this Motor mount keeps your wheels planted to the ground, I even pulled up to another 2016 Ford focus ST that was completely stock(after talking to the guy) and my vehicle accelerated much better I literally was looking at him from the rearview mirror as I was passing him up. Crazy to think a motor mount could do such a great difference in performance. Thank you to the Team of DM, also thank you to the gentleman who’s been emailing back-and-forth with me answering my questions through the company I purchased the product. You guys are amazing ,customer service is spectacular and I am more than happy with this product. I will tell all my friends that they’re silly unless they buy this Motor mounts. DM baby!!