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Focus ST Engine Oil Cooler Kit
$ 605.00

Focus ST Engine Oil Cooler Kit

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$ 605.00
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When we set out to make an engine oil cooler kit for the Focus ST, we wanted to build a kit that would not only aid in engine oil cooling, but would maintain proper oil temperatures, and reduce engine coolant temperatures. We have accomplished this in our Engine Oil Cooler Kit for the Focus ST. If you track your ST, have a high horsepower build, or just push your car to the limit every drive, then the Damond Motorsports Engine Oil Cooler Kit is for you. 

We start with deleting the factory water-to-oil heat exchanger that sits above the oil filter housing. Our beautifully machined high-flow adapter sits in its place and allows for hookups to an air-to-oil cooler. The included 19 row oil cooler gets mounted right above the crash bar behind the upper grille, where it gets great direct airflow while still allowing room for various front mount intercoolers as well as many ram air snorkels. To keep oil temperatures regulated, we incorporate a high flowing remote oil thermostat. This means you have a cooler that will not only decrease your temperatures on track, but will also maintain a proper running temperature for your drive to and from the track and during your commute. 

Product Details and Benefits: 

  • Machined oil cooler adapter sits atop the oil filter housing, allowing for both cartridge and spin-on oil filter housing fitment. Since it's not a "sandwich" style, you can use standard and over-sized filters without issue. 
  • Deleting the factory cooler results in lower engine coolant temperatures under hard use. 
  • Due to the high flowing design of the adapter and omission of the factory cooler, pressure drop is negligible.
  • Remote thermostat allows oil to obtain and sustain proper operating temperatures. Thermostat is set to 180F. 
  • 19 row stacked plate oil cooler features -10 flare fittings, reducing the amount of fittings used.
  • Lightweight nylon over stainless braided hoses, fully assembled with -10 fittings
  • 5 total 1/8" NPT sensor ports. Allowing for greater flexibility when adding/mounting oil temperature and pressure sensors. 
  • On track testing has shown around a 30°F decrease in engine oil temperatures and around a 10°F decrease in engine coolant temperatures.

Oil Cooler Data Chart

Product includes: 

  • 1 x Damond Oil Cooler Adapter Plate
  • 1 x 19 Row Oil Cooler
  • 1 x Oil Thermostat
  • 1 x Oil Cooler Bracket and Mounting Hardware
  • 1 x Thermostat Bracket and Mounting Hardware
  • 1 x Oil Adapter Gasket 
  • 2 x -10AN to -8ORB fittings
  • 2 x -8ORB Plugs with 1/8" NPT threaded sensor ports
  • 4 x preassembled -10AN lines 
  • 4 x -10AN to -10ORB fittings
  • 5 x 1/8" NPT plugs
  • Additional hardware and zip ties 

NOTE: This may not fit with some FMICs that go higher than the factory crash bar. 

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Check out our blog on oil cooling to see if this is beneficial for your build.


Customer Reviews

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Excellent product!!

This oil cooler does amazing at keeping everything cool oil temps and coolant temps. The hottest I’ve seen the oil get after installing this is 214 degrees and the coolant 204 degrees with 95 degrees outside. Also the temps drop immediately back to normal ~190 oil temp and 180 coolant temp once you’re not pushing it.