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Focus ST Dual Oil Catch Can kit Stage 3
$ 375.00

Focus ST Dual Oil Catch Can kit Stage 3

Original price $ 375.00 - Original price $ 410.00
Original price
$ 375.00
$ 375.00 - $ 410.00
Current price $ 375.00
Stage 2 VTA add-on: Do not include VTA kit
Stage 1 mounting location: Location 1
Hose color: Black

Combining both the Damond Motorsports Stage 1 and Stage 2 OCC kits for the Focus ST, the DM Stage 3 Focus ST Dual OCC kit encompasses the whole PCV system, to keep crankcase oily blow-by contaminates filtered.  

Included in each DM Stage 3 Dual OCC kit:

DM Stage 1 OCC kit, with mounting location and hose color options

DM Stage 2 OCC kit, with VTA add-on option


The Damond Motorsports Oil Catch Can kits come with everything needed for an optimized Oil Catch Can system. An oil catch can is, in a sense, a filter for the positive crankcase ventilation system. The oil catch can(OCC for short) is used to tap and contain blow-by oils and condensed crankcase gases, that would otherwise flow throughout the PCV system back into the intake tract, and allows for draining of these fluids remotely. With the addition of an OCC kit, blow-by oils and gasses are routed to the OCC, allowing them to be captured. This prevents the blow-by from entering the intake system, where it would otherwise contaminate the clean air entering the engine. Cleaner air leads to better combustion, more power, better fuel economy, less detonation, and less oily build-up on the valves. 


Sound Symposer Delete is needed for the DM Stage 3 Dual OCC kit, the DM SSD is available here

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Isaac Babcock
Stage 1/stage 2 catch cans

Great fit, high quality, fast shipping

Dean DeBee
Focus ST Dual Oil Catch Can kit Stage 3

Looked at a few other manufacturers before buying these. Good reviews on Quality parts and straightforward install. Haven't driven much since install so haven't checked to see how much they collected. Still, would recommend these based on part quality and kit completeness.

Alex McGrane
DM Stage 3

These were perfect in terms of build quality, fitment and exactly what I was looking for my build.

Did my first drain today after 3 weeks fitted and amazed how much these kept from reentering the intake. Would definitely recommend

Easy and Effective

The stage three catch can kit is exactly what I was looking for to keep all of the nasty contaminants out of my motor. These catch cans are great quality and a very fair price. It took me about 4 hours to install the two catch cans and the sound symposer delete. It took me a little bit longer because I routed the drain hoses that come with the kit to the bottom of the car. I would recommend to take the extra time to do this, because it makes draining the catch cans so much easier. A few days after the install I drove roughly 600 miles and then decided to drain them to see if they were actually doing anything. They actually caught a decent amount of oil and gas from what I can tell. I would recommend that you get this kit for your car!

High quality USA crafted parts - look no further.

I bought this product initially on the price point. But compared to other name brands I was truly impressed by quality craftsmanship on this product. Speaking to the installation I chose the stage 1 location 2 OCC (slightly more involved install) but as I've changed my charge pipes out before it was nothing new to me. Stage 2 OCC (VTA) install was a breeze. Maybe about 15 minutes tops. Product does exactly what it should do and throws no CEL's. Thanks DMM!