Focus ST Accelerator Pedal Spacer

$ 70.00

Product Details

The Damond Motorsports Accelerator Pedal Spacer is designed to offer optimal pedal placement for heel and toe rev-matching on both the street and the race track for the Focus ST. 

We started this process by taking measurements on sports cars with more ideal pedal placement for heel and toe re-matching vs the standard Focus placement.  From these measurements we developed a spacer to mimic a more ideal pedal placement onto the Focus ST.  The Damond Motorsports Accelerator Pedal Spacer is 0.75" thick, and moves in slightly towards the brake pedal and slightly lowers the accelerator pedal.  The move closer to the brake pedal helps with rev-matching using the top of your foot during daily driving, while slightly lowering the pedal allows for full heel and toe action under hard braking at the track. 

Whether you heel and toe rev match with just the top of your foot, or the actual heel and toe method, you'll find the Damond Motorsports Accelerator Pedal Spacer to be an excellent addition to your Focus ST.  

Customer Reviews

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If you have one of these cars, you need one of these spacers.

A top-notch product, very well though-out, very well made, and even well packaged. It places the gas pedal in the perfect spot.

Beautiful piece. Good price. It relocates the pedal just right !

It makes a big difference for Heel and Toe. I'm a beginner and I should improve from now on.

Shipping to France was good and not too expensive.

Focus ST Pedal Spacer

This is a must buy item. Heel and toe downshifting is made easy with this spacer. Makes the driving experience far better.

A work of art

Amazing product, you guys rock! The ST pedal is way deep for heal and toe driving. This is perfect to bring the gas pedal more even with the brake. I see cheap spacers out there, this one is top quality and a work of art, great job guys!:)

Awesome part!

This is exactly what the FoST was missing in terms of proper driving feel/experience. Without this spacer, you would feel derpy as all hell trying to heel-toe down shift. The thickness of this spacer and its placement of the pedal are perfect not just for spirited driving, but every day driving as well. Great quality part and fast shipment. Thank you again Damond Motorsports!