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Fiesta ST Rear Motor Mount
$ 135.00

Fiesta ST Rear Motor Mount

Original price $ 135.00 - Original price $ 135.00
Original price
$ 135.00
$ 135.00 - $ 135.00
Current price $ 135.00
Bushing Color: Red
Bushing Stiffness: Street

The Damond Motorsports Rear Motor Mount is an essential upgrade for any Fiesta ST enthusiast seeking a more connected driving experience. In addition to dramatically reducing engine movement, this mount helps to minimize wheel-hop and improve shift feel and clutch engagement.

Drawing on our expertise in the Focus and Mazdaspeed platforms, we have designed this mount to strike the perfect balance between racecar performance and daily drivability for the Fiesta ST. It's not overly stiff, but offers a noticeable improvement in reducing engine movement over the competition.

We use off-the-shelf bushings from a leading supplier of polyurethane bushings, ensuring reliable performance with longer service intervals than the OEM mount. The bushing pairs are specified at different durometers to absorb vibrations at high and low frequencies throughout most of the RPM range.. 

The Damond Motorsports Rear Motor Mount is available in black anodized finish with black or red bushings, and in "street" or "race" bushing stiffness options. For street-driven and daily-driven Fiestas, we recommend the "street" bushings. For uncompromising performance and racing applications, we recommend the "race" bushings.

Please note that this mount will introduce some additional NVH compared to the stock mount, and a break-in period may be required for the NVH to settle. Upgrade your Fiesta ST with the Damond Motorsports Rear Motor Mount for superior performance and reliability!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Graham Welch
Amazing performance, probably not for everyone

The outright performance changes once this product was installed is amazing. Much less torque steer, better throttle response, sharper turn in. Overall, the car feels much tighter and more responsive. However, the noise in the cabin due to the added vibration could lead to some aggravation and headaches if driven for extended periods on a daily basis. Having said that, that was a consideration when I purchased the product, and I have no complaints. Wonderful product - Highly recommend.

Night and day difference

I put this on my 2012 Fiesta SES Rallycross car, so for those wondering yes this fits non STs. I wasn't expecting this big of a difference. Completely changed the feel of the car. Steering, power delivery, shifting, all feel a thousand times better. Highly recommend for anyone with a Fiesta. Makes the car feel extremely tight and sharp.

Scott Poe
Great Quality

Was very impressed with what I saw in the box. Took it out and really could tell some thought went into the product it was almost to bad it was being installed under the car were it couldn't be seen it was so pretty. Application was super easy and just now waiting to get my car back to test it out as it was just one of many mods that were being installed.

Bushing way too stiff, NVH way too harsh

The part fits perfectly, no problem with installation, the machining of the aluminum is superb, quality of the part is top notch as we expect from Damond.

The downside is that the bushing they picked is WAY to stiff, the NVH under 2000rpm is just unbearable. Idling now feels like I've a Harley under the hood. and every time I accelerate from a stop, that low rpm vibration rattles all my interior pieces.
In the end I had to drill so many holes in the bushing to reduce the NVH, I drilled out almost 60-70% of the material and had to cut up the ribs between adjacent holes in order to bring the NVH down to acceptable level.
I really don't see why you need such a rock hard grade of bushing, it's not like we're making 400hp+ in our cars.

This part is more for if you're making huge hp with slicks in a full race car.

Hi CL, thank you for your honest feedback! We have experienced a break-in period with the mount of around 500-1000 miles, where NVH does settle down a decent bit. Initially after install the NVH can be quite pronounced. If you would like a set of replacement bushings to allow the mount to naturally break-in, feel free to reach out and we'll help you out.

Brian B
Must Have First Purchase!

The guys at Damond have done it again! I have nearly 15k miles driven on their RMM -between prototypes and final production. It performed flawlessly at whatever I tossed at it. The stiffness allowed quick, confident shifts while maintaining great feel and traction control. To go along with three autocross events on the RMM, I drove the FiST to the tune of 350 miles weekly in the first month after the install. I then put the RMM through it’s paces by heading out on a 3500 mile road trip. There were zero issues with NVH while cruising at highway speeds and the same confident, quick shifts when I found myself in Mexico. I would say the mount broke in and settled down the NVH about halfway through the trip and has remained consistent since then.
I’ve continued to put 300+ miles on weekly and I don’t plan on switching out the RMM any time soon.