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Dyno Tune Deposit
$ 100.00

Dyno Tune Deposit

Original price $ 100.00 - Original price $ 100.00
Original price
$ 100.00
$ 100.00 - $ 100.00
Current price $ 100.00

There's no better way to get your car dialed in than to have it tuned on a dyno. At Damond Motorsports we use a 2WD Mustang MD-150. To get started with dyno tuning your vehicle, please purchase this Dyno Tune Deposit. Once purchased we will reach out to you to schedule an appointment and gather your build info/modifications. 

We are primarily offering dyno tuning for Mazdaspeed3 and Mazdaspeed6 vehicles on the Cobb Accessport.  For the Mazdaspeed6 we physically disconnect the driveshaft and dyno the vehicle in FWD. Same process we do for our 1/4 mile record Mazdaspeed6.

We can also tune most vehicles that are a using standalone controller such as a Haltech, Link, or Motec. Contact us for pricing if that's what you need.

This deposit does go towards the cost of a dyno tune. The remainder of the cost of tuning is to be paid upon completion of the dyno tune. 

If you have a different vehicle or have questions, please email us at 

Pricing estimates: 

Dyno tune on one fuel, 93, E85, 5050, etc.:

  • FWD, $400
  • AWD, $450
Big turbo, turbo modifications, etc:
  • add $50
Additional Fuel Map, Ethanol Blend, E85, Race Gas, Methanol, etc.:
  • +1 fuel, add $150
  • +2 fuel, add $200
Add Auxiliary Fuel Controller tuning, such as a Split Second for PI or TB injection:
  • Add AUX fuel, add $150

Please note: If the car needs to be needs to be repaired on the dyno, or un-strapped and repaired, then there will be additional fees. 

  • Repair fee: $125/hr
  • Re-strap fee: $75

By purchasing this product you agree to the following: Our main goal is the safety of our customers and the safe operation of their vehicle, e-tuning can push the vehicle beyond its mechanical limits. Full liability falls solely on the owner/operator of the vehicle being tuned. We do not and will not accept or be responsible for any liability for damages caused to you, the operator, or the vehicle during the tuning process. Once a tune is purchased and the initial tuning form is filled out and emailed back to us at  then the base map will generally be emailed in 1-4 business days. If you decide to add or change basic modifications during or after the pro-tune, you will need a tune adjustment. We offer a tune adjustment here. If major components are changed then a new e-tune purchase is needed. What is a "Minor" and major" components are up to our digression. Tuning is also to be completed within 1 year of receiving your base-map, if you exceed this time period, a tune adjustment fee or full e-tune will be needed. No refunds/order cancelations will be accepted once a base-map has been sent out via email. By purchasing this product you agree to the terms listed above.

Customer Reviews

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Red Knuth
Great Job! Highly Recommended!

Matt and everyone at Damond Motorsports does a great job! Highly Recommended Shop!! Thanks Again Damond Team!