Mazdaspeed6 ST Manifold Port Injection Adapter Kit

$ 560.00

Include Throttle Body Extension Harness
Include Modified ST Manifold

Product Details

We at Damond Motorsports have developed a kit which allows the factory Focus ST intake manifold to be adapted to fit the DISI head with the ability for individual port fuel injection. The Factory ST manifold has been proven to flow incredibly well and evenly, and is available at a very low cost. This kit has been put through extensive testing on the street, the track, and the dyno to provide a great solution for more equal airflow distribution into the cylinders and allowing access for auxiliary fueling. 

Benefits of the ST manifold:

✓ More flow

✓ Better flow balance

✓ Lightweight

✓ Low cost

What's included:

-ST Manifold to Mazdaspeed DISI head port injection adapter, fuel rail, and adjustable rail brackets to fit 34mm or 48mm injectors. The injector ports on the adapter and rail are machined to a 14mm bore. The rail is machined either end for -6AN o-ring style fittings or plugs.  

-A vacuum block that mounts to the ST intake manifold is included, along with the necessary fittings and hoses to connect into the factory vacuum lines.

-The factory PCV connection on the ST uses a convenient quick connector.  Included will be that pre-assembled with hose and a fitting used to screw into our check valves if you have our Mazdaspeed OCC kit. If you do not run a Damond Motorsports OCC kit, there’ll be an adapter included so you can connect into your PCV line.

-A dipstick mounting bracket

-Hardware to mount and secure components

Optional items:

-A pre-wired throttle body cable extension. Since the throttle body is in the middle of the ST manifold pointing downward, the factory throttle body connector will not reach to the new location. This extension uses OEM connectors to give you a plug-and-play solution for extending the harness to the new location.

-Damond motorsports EGR block, and EGR delete.  The Focus ST intake manifold does not have provision for EGR. If you do not have an EGR block already, our kit is available here


-Not included are injectors, fuel lines and fittings, controllers

-VTCS must be disabled to prevent a CEL. 

-There is no provision for an EGR tube with this kit, or manifold.  You must have an EGR block off.

- An FMIC is required.  For the hot pipe, under-route kits are the best option, but kits with hot and cold side piping on the driver’s side may work as well. 

-If ordered with a modified manifold, please allow a few extra days for shipping, as the manifolds first have to be modified. Limited numbers of manifolds are available.