Check Valves

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The Damond Motorsports check valves come pre-assembled and sealed in the configurations you need. We use very low cracking pressure valves, to ensure a smooth effortless operation. 

The 3/8" barbed valves use a push-lock style fitting, where no hose clamp is needed. 

The 5/8" barbed valves use plastic 90° fittings, and straight brass barbed fittings. These are standard barbs, so hose clamps are recommended, and can be purchased here. Since the straight 5/8" barb on both ends is commonly used for low pressure crankcase venting, we modify the valve by removing the spring, to make it a true 1-way valve, with next to no cranking pressure. 

All of our OCC kits in different Stages come with check valves included. However, if you're needing more for a custom set-up, or to add one on your existing set-up, there is now an option. If you need a custom size not offered here, please contact us for a quote. 

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