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BNR ST71 (3071 Gen2) Ford Focus ST 2013-2018 T...
$ 1,700.00

BNR ST71 (3071 Gen2) Ford Focus ST 2013-2018 Turbocharger

Original price $ 1,700.00 - Original price $ 1,700.00
Original price
$ 1,700.00
$ 1,700.00 - $ 1,700.00
Current price $ 1,700.00

BNR offers 2 Turbo options for the Focus ST!

The first option is the BNR ST67 (2867 Gen2) and the second option is the BNR ST71 (3071 Gen2).  Both units use our own cast iron adapters that bolt to our GT series internal wastegate turbine housing which makes it fit in the factory turbocharger location!

The BNR ST71 turbocharger upgrade is intended for cars with auxiliary fuel systems!  This turbo is good for up to around 500 WHP.   This upgrade takes a little longer to spool over the ST67 (300 RPM) but nets around 100 more peak HP when maxed out.  If you anticipate aux fuel system and/or a forged internal engine this turbo would be the best option!

This is what you get when you purchase the ST71!

  • BNR 3071 G2 Center Housing Rotating Assembly (VSR balanced)
  • BNR T04B Compressor housing with a 2 bolt inlet (.60 a/r)
  • BNR 10cm (.72 a/r) exhaust housing
  • 27mm Internal wastegate with heavy-duty swing valve assembly
  • Adjustable internal wastegate with a stainless mounting bracket (15 psi crack pressure)
  • BNR Cast iron turbine inlet adapter
  • BNR Cast iron Turbine outlet adapter
  • Multi-layer turbine inlet and outlet gaskets (for the BNR housing)
  • 2-bolt aluminum compressor inlet adapter with O ring

Hardware included:

  • 8 M10 1.5 stainless studs
  • 8 M10 1.5 Stainless nuts
  • 8 M10 2mm Stainless washers
  • 1 M10 1.5 Stainless Allen head bolt (for turbine outlet adapter)
  • 2 M8 1.25 Stainless 37MM length studs (for compressor inlet adapter)
  • 2 M8 1.25 Stainless flanged nuts
  • 1 Aluminum oil inlet adapter
  • 1 M12 1.5 Stainless Banjo bolt (oil inlet to adapter)
  • 6 M12 Copper washers (oil inlet)
  • 6 M14 Copper washers (water inlet/outlet)
  • 2 Oil drain gaskets

    Click here for Installation Instructions

    Note from BNR:

    A Catch can is highly suggested to keep the crankcase ventilation happy in your engine.  The more boost you run the more your crankcase wants to pressurize.  That pressure doesn’t allow the turbo to drain its oil efficiently.  When the oil backs up in the turbo, the oil level rises above the turbine, and the compressor seals in the turbocharger causing oil to enter the compressor housing or turbine housing causing smoking/leaking.     Some cars with crankcase ventilation issues will require a restricted banjo bolt to keep the oil level down in the turbocharger.  Please see Damond Motorsports Catch Can options here:  

    Please read this link if you have a Radium PCV Plate.

    *Please note, that turbos may ship directly from BNR, so please allow extra time for the turbo to be built and delivered.

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