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Welcome to the Damond Motorsports Blog. Here we try to focus on giving you a better understanding of your vehicle, how its systems work, and what you can do to better certain components and aspects of your vehicle. We here at Damond Motorsports are car enthusiasts ourselves, and our mission with the products we offer is to better inform you on their operations and benefits. So check out our blog, and stay tuned for more posts and updates regarding all aspects of your ride. 


Crankcase, Under Pressure

If you want to know what your PCV system is, or does, this is the place to start.  We take the time to describe the operation of the system, and how it works under different engine conditions.  

Bye, Bye Blow-By

If you read 'Crankcase, Under Pressure' you know that the PCV system isn't perfect.  Bye, Bye, Blow-By is loaded with diagrams, and explanations of various PCV arrangements using OCCs, and PCV plates.  It will help you understand how they work, and help you decide what's best for your specific setup.