Mazdaspeed3 Rear Motor Mount

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Our Formidable Mazdaspeed3 Rear Motor Mount is now lighter, more compact, easier to install, and best of all... Now available at a lower price! 

The Damond Motorsports Rear Motor Mount is a must have for any car enthusiast seeking to plant power more directly to the pavement.  While material was removed on this latest revision, we validated the strength of the newly designed mount with FEA analysis and track testing.  This new Mazdaspeed3 mount also happens to be the same mount we offer for the Focus ST & RS, which means we can offer it for a lower price than before.  

If you're looking for a no compromise rear motor mount that will drastically reduce wheel hop and engine movement, improve shifting and clutch pedal feel, this is the mount for you.

The Damond Motorsports RMM starts life as a solid chunk of alloyed aluminum.  Once it’s machined to size we add a pair of off the shelf bushings sourced from the market leader of polyurethane bushings.  These bushings are arranged so they only see compressive loads, as they are designed for. No twisting, no bending, and no edge loading mean that the bushings will have a long and productive life. 

Available in Black or Gold anodize with Black or Red bushings.  Included are high grade fasteners.

Note: There is added NVH with this mount. One bushing has a relief shaved off, this is to allow fitment on multiple vehicles, and does not effect performance. 


Customer Reviews

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Best RMM

Best RMM on the market! Great design and good price. That gold color with red bushings is just a cherry on top.

Does what it says

Major improvement over stock, this improved my shifting tremendously, gears go in like butter everytime even with hard accels. Vibrations are there but i think it gives that racecar feel. It smooths out almost completely at 2krpm. Torque steer and wheel hop virtually gone(i only upgraded the lower mount.)


Very very very good material. But there is much vibration! On the site you cant find any duro rating. But this one is 90A


Adds some vibrations, but if you prioritise the feel and performance of your car over comfort, it's a worthy trade-off. Haven't done many hard launches since installing, but there seems to be no more wheel hopping! Installation was quick and straightforward, however when uninstalling the stock mount I'd suggest breaking all of the necessary bolts before actually removing them, as removing the first bolt suggested in the instructions caused the engine to move when trying to break the 3 bolts that go through the transmission adapter, thus making it a little more difficult to break those bolts.

TL;DR - Awesome product, 100% recommended!

Best Mount ever!

I was replacing the RMM,I already had another stiff RMM on the car and I wasn't happy with it. I opted for the Damond RMM revised mount. 15-20 mins later I was test driving it down the road. I am super happy with it. I don't know why I took so long to buy this mount worth every penny!