Mazdaspeed EGR Block off and Delete

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The Damond Motorsports EGR Block off and delete Kits are designed to block off or remove the exhaust gas re-circulation system of the 2.3L DISI, in the Mazdaspeed3, Mazdaspeed6, and CX-7.

The Damond Motorsports EGR block off plate was designed to the same dimensions of the EGR tube’s flange. This allows for the tube to be installed, along with the block off plate, and the OEM gasket, for a clean stock look. We also include a screw-in bung for the intake manifold connection of the EGR system, to eliminate the tube all together.

The Damond Motorsports EGR Delete kit includes a plate that deletes the EGR valve all together, going in place of the valve, and creating more space for intake and turbo systems. The plate is machined out of aluminium, included is a barbed fitting for the turbo coolant line, along with a plug if you're running a coolant-less turbo, and the necessary mounting hardware.  
Our EGR Block off  and delete kits will prevent the travel of exhaust gases back into the intake system. In turn, this allows much cleaner air to enter the combustion chamber, for a cleaner more effective burn. Eliminating the EGR also eliminates harmful soot and carbon build up, in the intake system. This is a great product to add with one of our OCC Kits, to keep the intake system clean of gunk.
  • Tube Block off kits come with a plate and bung, to remove or block off the EGR tube
  • Valve Delete kits come with a plate, barb fitting, and hardware, to delete the EGR valve
  • Full Removal kits contain both the Block off and Delete kits, to fully remove the EGR system

Note: This product is intended for off-road use only

Customer Reviews

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Pretty fast on delivery and all the pieces were there pretty solid product

Perfect fitment

2010 Mazdaspeed 3.
I installed this because I was replacing my PCV valve. While I was doing all that. I ported and polsihed my intake. Deleted the vtcs while I was at it. Cleaned my intake valves cause why not. I can see them. In the midst of all this. I watch a couple YouTube videos on how much I would benefit from a EGR delete. So heck. Why not. Deleted the EGR too. Works great, fitment was perfect. Had no issue. There was no instruction in the packaging but everything was pretty self explanatory, google if needed. There are so many people who have written up DIY for this.
Now I must let you know it's obvious but, deleting the EGR will cause your car to throw CEL. (I am one that hates hates hates with a passion CEL). And deleting the VTCS doesn't help neither. That's why I am setting my car up for e tune after I get my blow off valve to get them suckers delete off my ECU.

I must warn you, there is a lot of stuff you would need to remove inorder to do this, so it's best to be done at a day you are not working or have a free day. Steps goes something along the lines of remove intercooler, intake, battery, ECU and WALA!

Other than that. Fitment was perfect, looks great, very quality parts.


This was a bit tricky since it was the first time I've done it on my gen 2 there was a couple things to take off for removing the egr. I highly recommend to let a mechanically incline person do it if your confidence on it. Other than that very awesome product.



Perfect fit

Good part if u want to delete your egr kit quality part and fits perfect