Focus Accelerator Pedal Spacer

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The Damond Motorsports Accelerator Pedal Spacer is designed to offer optimal pedal placement for heel and toe rev-matching on both the street and the race track for the Focus ST Focus RS and all other MK3 Focus. 

We started this process by taking measurements on sports cars with more ideal pedal placement for heel and toe re-matching vs the standard Focus placement.  From these measurements we developed a spacer to mimic a more ideal pedal placement onto the Focus ST.  The Damond Motorsports Accelerator Pedal Spacer is 0.75" thick, and moves in slightly towards the brake pedal and slightly lowers the accelerator pedal.  The move closer to the brake pedal helps with rev-matching using the top of your foot during daily driving, while slightly lowering the pedal allows for full heel and toe action under hard braking at the track. 

Whether you heel and toe rev match with just the top of your foot, or the actual heel and toe method, you'll find the Damond Motorsports Accelerator Pedal Spacer to be an excellent addition to your Focus.  

Customer Reviews

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As it should be

With this spacer you'll get the ideal pedal position for both comfortable leisure driving, and heel toe action. Less than 10 mins to install.

Pedal spacer

Easy to install and a much needed mod.

Great product

The pedal pedal spacer is easy to install and fixes the weird factory pedal location. Heel toe downshifts are easy now, whereas before the installation of the pedal spacer they were almost impossible.

Not to low, not to high, its just right!

Been looking at getting a pedal spacer for a decent amount of time for my FoST and pulled the plug and got the one from Damond Motorsports.

May I say that this is the most perfect pedal spacer, starting with the CNC cut metal and perfect peddle position. It allows for easy heel-toe downshifts and moves the pedals in the spot that should of been factory

10/10 highly recommend this product. Perfect in everyway

Best "Blipping" Spacer out there!!!

Like many that have left reviews about this product, I feel for the cannot get a better throttle spacer period. Simplest of installs, I think I spent more time coordinating the tools to install it then the time it took to. Looks great, well constructed and engineered, maybe the only slight is, other colors would be nice...much like their other products. Outside of that, the new placement of the throttle pedal is spot on. Now bombing around around the track or carving local canyons is so much more fun now. All the components I have purchased and installed for my 2013 Focus ST have been top notch, my greediness says to please make more performance stuff for my car, kudos to your engineering team! They have great Customer Service (thanks Chris), their knowledgeable, and truly seem to care about creating and maintaining long relationships (Nice Koozie by the way). Other maybe more popular companies charge more for similar products, Boomba, Mishimoto, CPE, Cobb, etc..., but I have yet to find them better than these guys...a great many thanks!