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Damond Motorsports Focus ST Rear Motor Mount Install Guide


By installing this Product, you understand that:

The buyer/user assumes all risk as to quality, performance and use of these products and agrees to hold DD2, Inc. DBA Damond Motorsports (“DM”) and its representatives not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage; including any and all incidental or consequential damages arising from the sale, installation, or use of our products.

Many parts are intended for “OFF ROAD ” and “RACING” applications only. It is suggested that State and Federal emission regulation be checked, to see whether or not this product complies with those laws. Read through the instruction guide thoroughly, before attempting this install. Do not install any components while the engine is running or shortly after the car has been running. Give the car some time to cool down. Failure to install this product correctly, or failure to remove/reinstall existing components correctly, could result in poor running conditions, or even component and engine failure, which the sole user of this product is responsible for. The install instructions are intended to guide you on how to install this product properly.  Only an experienced mechanic should perform this install.  In addition, DM, and its representatives reserve the right to modify and or discontinue parts without notice. If you the user/buyer of this product do not agree with the above, contact DM immediately, to discuss a possible return of our product for a full refund minus shipping costs, and other fees.

Tools Needed:

Safe means of lifting and supporting the vehicle: jack and jack stands, wheel ramps, or lift.

Torque Wrench

Socket wrench or breaker bar

Long extension

18mm socket

16mm socket

15mm deep socket 

13mm deep socket

15mm open end wrench(ratcheting if available)

13mm open end wrench(ratcheting if available)

18mm open end wrench

T30 torx socket or driver

8mm Allen key 

Components supplied should include:

1x Damond Motorsports Rear Motor Mount, pre-assembled with bushings and sleeves

1x 16mm head bolt

1x 18mm head lock nut

1x 8mm Allen head bolt


(CAUTION: allow the vehicle to cool down fully before attempting any work)

Begin by properly supporting the vehicle in the air using stands, ramps, or a lift. 

Remove the 3 x T30 screws attaching the front air deflector.

Remove the 8 x T30 screws attaching the undertray, and remove the undertray.

Locate the factory rear motor mount assembly attaching the transmission casing to the subframe. 

Remove the 6 x 13mm downpipe bracket nuts, and remove the brackets from the vehicle.

Loosen and remove the 18mm bolt connecting the RMM to the transmission bracket, then remove the 15mm bolt securing the mount to the subframe.  

With the RMM bolts removed slide the RMM into the subframe to allow for better access to the transmission bracket bolts. Remove the 3 x 15mm transmission bracket bolts and remove the transmission bracket from the vehicle(the backside bolt not shown is what the yellow arrow is pointing towards)

Remove the factory RMM and insert the Damond Motorsports RMM into the subframe with the full flanged bushing facing the right side of the car(Note: one bushing has a flat slot to allow room for the transmission bracket)

Re-install the transmission bracket using 2 of the 15mm bolts previously removed with the bracket. On the backside install the 8mm Allen bolt provided. Tighten to 45-50lbs/ft(65Nm). To help apply leverage to tighten the 8mm Allen bolt, you can place a small pipe on the Allen key, or the closed end of a wrench effectively prying more leverage(shown below albeit in the orientation to loosen). 

Slide and position the Damond Motorsports RMM into place(Note: this may take some light force and wiggling to position the mount in place and line up all the mounting points). Insert the provided 16mm bolt through the mount and the transmission bracket, and thread on the provided nut on the other side. Insert and thread in the previously removed 15mm subframe bolt. Tighten the subframe bolt first to 75-80lbs/ft(100Nm) then tighten the 16mm bolt to 50lbs/ft(65Nm) while securing the 18mm nut with an open end wrench. 

Note: We recommend NOT re-installing the downpipe brackets, as it will add more NVH.

Re-install the engine undertray and then the air deflector.

Lower the vehicle, and go for a quick test drive to ensure there's no knocking from bolts not being fully tightened. Note: there will be added NVH immediately upon installing the mount. Generally after 500-1500 miles some of the NVH will subside to a bit lower than immediately after installing the mount. At 100 miles we strongly recommend checking the torque of all the fasteners accessible without fully removing the mount. 

Congratulations! You've successfully installed the Damond Motorsports Rear Motor Mount. Enjoy all the benefits the mount has to offer on your Focus ST. 

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