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Guides-Damond Motorsports Focus ST and Focus RS Accelerator Pedal Spacer Install Guide

Damond Motorsports Focus ST and Focus RS Accelerator Pedal Spacer Install Guide


By installing this Product, you understand that:

The buyer/user assumes all risk as to quality, performance and use of these products and agrees to hold DD2, Inc. DBA Damond Motorsports (“DM”) and its representatives not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage; including any and all incidental or consequential damages arising from the sale, installation, or use of our products.

Many parts are intended for “OFF ROAD ” and “RACING” applications only. It is suggested that State and Federal emission regulation be checked, to see whether or not this product complies with those laws. Read through the instruction guide thoroughly, before attempting this install. Do not install any components while the engine is running or shortly after the car has been running. Give the car some time to cool down. Failure to install this product correctly, or failure to remove/reinstall existing components correctly, could result in poor running conditions, or even component and engine failure, which the sole user of this product is responsible for. The install instructions are intended to guide you on how to install this product properly.  Only an experienced mechanic should perform this install.  In addition, DM, and its representatives reserve the right to modify and or discontinue parts without notice. If you the user/buyer of this product do not agree with the above, contact DM immediately, to discuss a possible return of our product for a full refund minus shipping costs, and other fees.


Tools needed:

Socket wrench ¼” drive

10mm socket

¼” drive socket extension (3” long wobble extension is ideal)

Blue Loctite

Parts included:

1x Damond Motorsports Accelerator Petal Spacer

2x 10mm bolts

2x 10mm lock nuts


First, begin with sliding the driver seat to the farthest back position.

Next locate the pedals. The pedal the spacer will sit behind is the gas pedal, shown here with the red arrow:

Unplug the connector for the gas pedal (orange arrow). The release for the connector that needs to be pressed is shown with the green arrow.

With the connector removed, remove the two 10mm nuts securing the pedal assembly to the firewall(circled yellow):

Remove the pedal and set aside.

Install the Damond Motorsports Accelerator Pedal Spacer into the firewall studs as shown, and secure using the provided lock nuts (circled orange). Tighten until snug, about 8Nm or 70lbs/in.

Put a dab of blue loctite on the provided 10mm bolts.

Place the factory pedal assembly onto the spacer. With the holes aligned thread in the 10mm bolts (orange arrows). Tighten until snug, about 8Nm or 70lbs/in.

Reconnect the wiring connector to the pedal assembly.

Readjust the driver seat and you’re all set! Go out for a drive and enjoy the optimal pedal placement the Damond Motorsports Accelerator Pedal Spacer has to offer!

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