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Damond Motorsports Fiesta ST Oil Catch Can Kit Installation Guide

Damond Motorsports Oil Catch Can kits come with everything needed for an optimized Oil Catch Can system. An oil catch can is, in a sense, a filter for the positive crankcase ventilation system. Here is our install guide for the Fiesta ST.



Tools required/purpose:

Jack and jackstands or lift or ramps/to lift the car

Socket wrench: 10mm socket/attach bracket to OCC

10mm wrench/attach bracket to frame

Flathead screw driver/tighten hose clamps

Step 1:

After you unbox your Damond Motorsports OCC kit, you will start by prepping the OCC kit for installation.  First, attach the hoses as shown, with the check valve hose going to the top port on the OCC and the hose with just the connector going to the bottom OCC port. NOTE: WHILE THE HOSE WITH THE CHECKVALVE IS PRE-ASSEMBLED, ENSURE THE ARROW ON THE VALVE IS POINTING TOWARDS THE MEDIUM LENGTH HOSE WITH THE QUICK-CONNECT FITTING.  Then secure the hoses with the provided hose clamps; attach the bracket as shown, with the provided bolt(use the top mounting hole on the OCC if you have the optional VTA kit).  Finally, attach the drain barb and drain hose into the OCC drain valve.

If you have the optional hose sleeves, first with a heat gun or lighter, since the ends of the sleeves to melt any frayed strands of the nylon. Then slide the sleeves over the hoses. Be carious around the hose clamps when putting on the sleeves as there may be sharp edges. 

Step 2:

Begin with removing the engine cover by pulling straight upward.

Step 3:

Locate the factory PCV hose assembly and remove the factory hose from the vehicle.

Earlier Fiesta ST's use the same clips that we provide.  To remove them, pull back on the clip, as shown here, and then pull the clip from the manifold and valve cover.

Later Model Fiesta ST's use the clips shown here.  Squeeze the clips where the red circles are and pull from the manifold and valve cover.

Step 4:

Locate the stud near the strut tower where the OCC will be mounted.  Route the OCC down so that the stud goes into the bracket hole.  When placing the OCC in the mounting location, try and route the drain hose to be near the chasis mid brace, behind the drive shaft and above the swaybar and steering rack.  Route both the hoses under the black plastic coolant line coming from the coolant reservior.  Use the provided nut to secure the bracket and OCC to the car.

Step 5:

Pull the drain hose down and through the chassis mid brace hole, where there is little slack in the hose and the hose has a good path for fluids to drain, and then cut the excess so that about 1-2 inches are protruding from the chassis brace hole.

Step 6:

Route the lower OCC hose to the valve cover connection and push the connector onto the valve cover.  NOTE: Be sure to route the hose under the 2 sensor wires in its path.  You will hear a satisfying "click" once the connector snaps in place and is secured.

Next, as shown here, use one of the provided zip ties to secure the hose in place and cut the excess hose.

Step 7:

Route the top OCC hose over to the intake manifold connection and push the connector onto the intake manifold port. The connector must be inserted to the manifold port with the squeeze parts of the connector in a vertical position. You will hear a satisfying "click" once the connector snaps in place and is secured. Make sure the connector is installed onto the manifold EXACTLY as pictured below. The squeeze part of the connector needs to be on top/bottom. Failure to install the fitting fully onto the manifold may result in the hose blowing-off once you enter boost. 

Step 8:

Re-install the top engine cover by pressing it down onto the 4 retaining studs.

Draining the OCC:

The DM OCC features an easy to use drain valve.  When the valve arm is vertical the drain is open, and when the arm is horizontal the valve is closed.  Be sure to not run the engine with the valve in the open position, as this will cause poor idling conditions and stuttering.  Drain the OCC contents into a container, as you would engine oil, and dispose of it properly and legally.  Be sure to wear protective gloves when handling the OCC fluids, as well as any engine oil, for that matter.

We hope you enjoy our Fiesta ST OCC kit!


Failure to follow the instruction included in your purchase from DD2, Inc. DBA Damond Motorsports (“DM) could result in property damage or personal injury. Prior to installation the instructions should be read carefully. Please check our website for updated instructions or other related product information before installing. Professional installation is highly recommended by a certified mechanic. In no circumstances should installation be attempted unless the car has been shut off and the engine is cooled. Neither DM nor any of its employees, officers, directors, or shareholders shall be liable for improper use or installation of our products. DM is not responsible for the misuse, incorrect installation, or failure of any product we sell. Under no circumstances, including but not limited to negligence by third parties not affiliated with DM, will DM be liable for special or consequential damages that result from the use or inability to use our products. DM does not assume responsibility for any damage to the user, driver, passenger or vehicle resulting from the operation of a DM product. Any legal action brought against DM must be brought in the State of Illinois County of Cook. PLEASE DRIVE RESPONSIBLY.


All DD2, Inc. DBA Damond Motorsports (“DM”) products carry a lifetime manufacturer warranty to the original purchaser. Warranty is non-transferable. Supporting components, manufactured by companies other than DM, carry the manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty does not cover damage to coatings caused by exposure to the elements. Warranty does not cover damage or failure caused by abuse, misuse, faulty installation by any party, non-intended uses, repairs not conducted by DM, act of God, or accidents. DM is not liable for consequential damages arising from the use of our products or any indirect damages resulting in the loss of property, revenue or costs for towing, removal, installation, or re-installation. To receive warranty service you must contact DM to receive an RMA # (Return to Manufacturer Authorization Number) at which time you will be provided with instructions for returning the faulty product. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION ON THE FACE OF THIS AGREEMENT. SELLER DISCLAIMS ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OF THE GOODS OR THE FITNESS OF THE GOODS FOR ANY PURPOSE, AND THE BUYER AGREES THAT THE GOODS ARE SOLD "AS IS" EXCEPT AS PROVIDED HEREIN. THIS WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS, THE LAWS OF EACH STATE VARY AND MAY PROVIDE ADDITIONAL PROTECTIONS.

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