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Managing All That Suck & Blow With One Source

The Damond Motorsports Vacuum Block is designed with size and flexibility in mind.  At less than 3” long with a mounting hole that will fit a 6mm or 1/4” bolt or stud, it can fit into the tightest spaces.  The seven 1/8” NPT ports arranged all around the block allow routing to any existing lines, or any add on accessories you may have.  We chose the 1/8” NPT port because of the availability of fittings.  We offer brass barbed fittings for 3/16”, 1/4”, and 3/8” hose, as well as push-connect 1/4” fittings all in straight and 90° available here.  Hose and tube for these fittings can be found here.  Barb and push-connect fittings can be mixed and matched.

We were asked about possible arrangements, and we decided that the best way to show them was real applications some test pieces were installed in.

The arrangement below is on a high horsepower 10 second drag MS3 with a wire tuck.  Our tester chose to primarily use push-connect fittings to keep his engine bay clean, and for ease of install.  These fittings are perfect for street/strip cars.  This car has one line routed from an aftermarket intake manifold to the block, and then from the block to a fuel pressure regulator, blow off valve, and boost gauge.  Since the brake booster is not routed to this block, the 1/4” push-connect vacuum line from the intake manifold is a sufficient source of vacuum. 

Vacuum block drag setup

The next arrangement is on our own dedicated track/road course MS6, with the vacuum block mounted directly to the OCC bracket.  This car often sees under-hood temperatures well above 200°F, which is the rated temperature for the push-connect tube we offer.  We chose to use the brass barbed fittings and hose for this car for that reason.  The vacuum source from the ST intake manifold on this car is a hose from our Sound Symposer delete.  Contrary to intuition, the 1/8” fitting port diameter is the same as the inside diameter of the 3/8” barb, allowing plenty of flow for the brake booster.  This block is also routed to the BOV, and purge solenoid line.  An additional port will be used when a boost referenced fuel pressure regulator is added to this car in the near future.

Vacuum block track car

We’re excited to offer you a small, flexible, clean, and functional vacuum block at a reasonable price with a large selection of fittings and hose.  Available now in black, and gold anodize here.

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