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Damond Blog-Damond Motorsports now offers Powerflex Suspension Bushings

Damond Motorsports now offers Powerflex Suspension Bushings

We are excited to now offer Powerflex Suspension Bushings for the Mazdaspeed3, Ford Focus ST & RS, and Fiesta ST.

From Powerflex: Stock rubber control arm bushings give a disconnected and mushy feel to the front suspension, especially when worn, as the bushing deflects more than it should. You get sloppy steering, vibrations, and poor handling which makes the car feel unstable. These urethane bushings are stiffer than stock rubber and will not deflect as much. This helps keep the alignment in check with less variation. The car feels more planted and confidence-inspiring. And a lifetime warranty means you'll likely never have to pay for another bushing ever again!

We chose to offer these bushing replacements for a number of reasons. We've been running them on our shop cars and test cars with excellent results, the quality is on par with what we offer here at Damond Motorsports, and the life time warranty. 

Also, we've found with our testing that the Powerflex Front Control Arm Rear Bushing Anti-Lift & Caster Offset kit offered for the MK3 Ford Focus ST and RS is compatible with the 10-13 Mazdaspeed3. Giving Gen2 MS3 owners an option for an "Anti-Lift-Kit" where one was not offered before. With this product, expect wheel hop and lift upon acceleration to be a thing of the past. Especially in drag racing applications, where slicks and a prep'd surface can cause major deflection of the factory bushing during launching and shifts. In road racing applications, expect a much crisper and direct turn-in, more traction on corner exit, and significantly reduced toe deflection under hard braking and acceleration. The added positive caster is a little extra bonus. 

Many of the Powerflex Bushing offerings come in varying durometers for their bushings, but for the suspension bushings we offer mainly two. A Street 80A Purple bushing or a Race 95A Black bushing. 

For Street driven cars, we highly recommend the "Street" bushing selection where available. For Racing applications, ie road course use, time attack, trackdays, drag, autoX, rally, etc. where the car's primary use is for racing, we recommend the "Race" selection. If you have questions on making a selection for your vehicle, feel free to contact us

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