Focus ST/RS Powerflex Front Control Arm Rear Bushing Anti-Lift & Caster Offset

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Anti-Lift Front Control Arm Rear Bushings with Offset Caster

Focus ST/RS are extremely fun-to-drive car with one exception. They have a well-known tendency toward torque steer during spirited driving because of their front-wheel-drive layout.

The new Powerflex Front Control Arm Rear Bushing Anti-Lift & Caster Offset part is engineered to provide revised suspension geometry for vastly improved handling and responsiveness while virtually eliminating the fun-killing torque steer. 

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Premium Hardware

Available with Street (Shore 80A) or Race/Black Series (Shore 95A) bushing material and CNC-machined aluminum mounts and associated hardware.

Improved Geometry

Tire contact with road surfaces is maximized anti-lift geometry and 1 degree of caster offset for improved grip, decreased understeer, and enhanced drive confidence. 7.5mm anti-lift properties. 

Stock rubber control arm bushings give a disconnected and mushy feel to the front suspension, especially when worn, as the bushing deflects more than it should. You get sloppy steering, vibrations, and poor handling which makes the car feel unstable. These urethane bushings are stiffer than stock rubber and will not deflect as much. This helps keep the alignment in check with less variation. The car feels more planted and confidence-inspiring. And a lifetime warranty means you'll likely never have to pay for another bushing ever again!

Free Sleeve Welding When Bought from Damond Motorsports

While the sleeves are a press-fit onto the LCA, they may begin to work their way off the LCA because they are a two-piece design. We now TIG weld the sleeves and washers together to prevent this from happening. Best part... we offer this at no additional cost! 


Customer Reviews

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Blake Naugle
One of the best mods for the ST

Damond always has first class service and products so I was not surprised by how great the Powerflex suspension bushings are. I did have to use a press to remove the old bushings from the controls arms. But the only tools needed was a bearing separator, large hammer and 2 pry bars. With the big hammer you can pound the stamped steel placket out of the way enough to get the separator around the sleeve and press the whole thing off the control arm. The front is even easier. Hammer the lip of the old bushing away from the control arm and support the arm by the lip and press the bushing out. Installation is simple. I Centered the rear mount for camber adjustment and it was spot on when I did the alignment. The new rear bushings with anti lift and caster offset gave max caster for the Focus ST and was still in factory spec. I am running 275/35R18 tires on 9.5-18 wheel so the new caster made the tires just touch the front inner fender. I moved the bottom of the inner fender forward about an inch and got full clearance. The car’s steering is stiffer but just barely noticeable. What is amazing is the lack of torque steer. I am running Damond hard engine mounts and a Mfactory LSD. Before the Powerflex bushings I would get a hard snap torque steer to one side then it would snap back the other direction when the LSD kicked in. It only lasted a split second but was annoying even though it wasn’t causing you to change your road position much. Now with the new set up you can feel a little Torque Steer but can control it with one hand at the 12 o’clock position on the steering wheel and a limp wrist. LOL.
If you know The St you are used to a 9 o’clock left hand death grip on the steering wheel to keep from changing lanes when you floor a ST!! This new setup totally tames the Torque. You will also reduce under steer by an impressive amount!!’ Note in the photo the front tire spacing in the fender is noticeably closer to the front than the back from the caster gain!