Focus RS Accelerator Pedal Spacer

$ 70.00

Product Details

The Damond Motorsports Accelerator Pedal Spacer is designed to offer optimal pedal placement for heel and toe rev-matching on both the street and the race track for the Focus RS. 

We started this process by taking measurements on sports cars with more ideal pedal placement for heel and toe re-matching vs the standard Focus placement.  From these measurements we developed a spacer to mimic a more ideal pedal placement onto the Focus RS.  The Damond Motorsports Accelerator Pedal Spacer is 0.75" thick, and moves in slightly towards the brake pedal and slightly lowers the accelerator pedal.  The move closer to the brake pedal helps with rev-matching using the top of your foot during daily driving, while slightly lowering the pedal allows for full heel and toe action under hard braking at the track. 

Whether you heel and toe rev match with just the top of your foot, or the actual heel and toe method, you'll find the Damond Motorsports Accelerator Pedal Spacer to be an excellent addition to your Focus RS.  

Customer Reviews

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This should be required equipment for every RS owner.

With the stock gas pedal, to heel & toe correctly requires really hammering the brake pedal. Might be OK on the track, but not practical on the street. The pedal spacer corrects that issue perfectly, so with moderate braking (as you would do while driving on public roads) heel & toe is a breeze, and makes the car a joy to drive.

Focus RS pedal spacer

Excellent quality. Fast shipping. Effective

Perfect Fitment, Good Height For Heel/Toe

This is by no means a difficult install and the fitment was perfect along with the supplied hardware. The pedal is where I would say 'almost perfect', but that is only if you're normal driving and heel/toe shifting. When you're actually pushing it and are getting deeper into the brake pedal, it's right where it should be (given you don't have any air in your lines). A bit pricey for what it is, but well worth it if you want a solid product you don't need to worry about after it's installed.

Great product, uses the stock screws perfectly

My install could have gone better. FoMoCo had done a great job securing the OE bolts and nuts by pinching it.

But it's a challneges to remove and reinstall it.

Press out the OE Bolts and used a flanged 20mm screw.

Great relocation for the gas pedal as well as the actual product.

A must have

Perfect spacing for Focus RS

This pedal spacer is the perfect size for the Focus RS. I had tried another brand of spacer before the Damond, and it was still too short. The Damond puts the pedal in a perfect location to execute heal/toe shifts. Very happy!