Focus RS Accelerator Pedal Spacer

$ 50.00

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The Damond Motorsports Accelerator Pedal Spacer is designed to offer optimal pedal placement for heel and toe rev-matching on both the street and the race track for the Focus RS. 

We started this process by taking measurements on sports cars with more ideal pedal placement for heel and toe re-matching vs the standard Focus placement.  From these measurements we developed a spacer to mimic a more ideal pedal placement onto the Focus RS.  The Damond Motorsports Accelerator Pedal Spacer is 0.75" thick, and moves in slightly towards the brake pedal and slightly lowers the accelerator pedal.  The move closer to the brake pedal helps with rev-matching using the top of your foot during daily driving, while slightly lowering the pedal allows for full heel and toe action under hard braking at the track. 

Whether you heel and toe rev match with just the top of your foot, or the actual heel and toe method, you'll find the Damond Motorsports Accelerator Pedal Spacer to be an excellent addition to your Focus RS.  

Customer Reviews

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So good I'm buying it twice!

Tried this on my bro's Focus ST and it was perfect. Blipping is a breeze! It's so good I'm now buying another one for my RS!

Easy and more accessible.

Really happy with my spacer. Very nice looking aluminum design and finish. Quick bolt on install. I feel that the accelerator pedal is in a much better place with the spacer allowing for easier throttle access when “attempting to heel toe”. Just an amateur driver trying to enhance and enjoy my driving experience more and I believe this does that for me. Thanks again!

Recommended Spacer for your RS.

Considered various height options before ordering the Damond spacer from the UK. Excellent tracking and reasonable delivery time. The spacer is well made and by following the online guide, installation was relatively quick and straight forward. A test drive has confirmed that the relocated accelerator pedal is now in a much better position for heel toeing and rev matching so I am very pleased with my purchase. I would recommend Damond Motorsport and their Accelerator Pedal Spacer to fellow RS enthusiasts.

Perfect size pedal spacer!

I'm no heel & toe demon, mostly just street driving - but this pedal spacer is the EXACT right height for me to blip the gas pedal under braking. Very easy to heel toe, makes a huge difference to downshifting!
Install is simple, you just need to be sat on the floor next to the car to reach it!
The construction and material quality is solid and feels so secure once it's bolted in. Highly recommended to everyone

Great upgrade for Heel Toe

Stock pedal placement is less than perfect in the RS. This spacer is a 10 minute install and makes a very appreciable difference.

Car is super easy to heel/toe now.

Would recommend to anyone.