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With high demand, due to the lack of seat time caused by COVID-19, we're bringing it back for 2020!

Get ready for this racing season... whenever it comes along! Are you worries that the Coronavirus pandemic and closing of all the racetracks is going to hurt your skills??

Are you constantly missing shifts? Can’t get any brakes zones right, nor hit any apex? Are your 60ft times just plain bad? Well do we have the solution for you! 

Damond Motorsports Driver Mod! 

With the Damond Motorsports driver mod, you can fully unlock your car’s ultimate potential within any form of racing. As well as your potential at being the best damn driver you can be. 

We’ve spent years of development and testing, to provide a seamless upgrade in your capabilities as a driver, with the Damond Motorsports Driver Mod. 

With the Damond Motorsports Diver Mod, you will see improvements in: 

  • Overall vehicle control
  • Launching your vehicle
  • Flat foot shifting
  • Heel & Toe rev matching
  • Double clutching
  • Cornering speeds
  • Hitting every apex
  • Threshold braking
  • Trail braking
  • Passing the competition
  • 60ft time reduction
  • 1/8 mile time reduction 
  • 1/4 mile time reduction
  • 1/2 mile top speeds 
  • Full mile top speeds
  • Faster lap times 
  • Faster AutoX times
  • Near 100% reduction is losing vehicle control
  • Smoother, longer powerslides
  • And many more aspects of high performance driving! 

Side effects may include: 

  • Over-confidence while driving
  • Less anxiety while driving
  • Unexpected handbrake turns
  • Significant amounts of tire loss 
  • Money loss due to car modifications and track days
  • Irritability towards crew members 
  • Unexpected road rage towards other drivers 

Unlock your Damond Motorsports Driver Mod today! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love the humor

I haven’t purchased this said product but love the humor and time spent on this and is something that makes me know you guys are awesome! Keep up the amazing quality and thank you so much!

Andrew Michael
Game changing!

Though the installation wasn't as straightforward as I was led to believe, the result was well worth the effort. My Speed6 has never been so fun to drive- this product puts me on a whole new level!

Camden Sexton
WOw mUch PoWer

Super fast shipping, was able to install in under an hour and MY LORD I beat 6 Evo’s, 3 STI’s and 13 V6 MUSTANGS. Unbelievable difference, unbelievable gaps, would recommend to anyone that can’t shift for **** and loses to VW GTI’s stock

Simply the best

This is the single best mod I have ever purchased. It is a must have for everyone!