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Our Mazdaspeed3 RMM has recently been updated, however, we still have some of the previous versions still available, and are offering them at a discounted price.  

The Damond Motorsports Rear Motor Mount is a must have for any car enthusiast.  If you want to get rid of wheel hop and lock down your motor without adding unbearable noise or vibration to the passenger cabin, you need this mount.

This RMM starts life as a solid chunk of alloyed aluminum.  Once it’s machined to size we add a pair of off the shelf bushings sourced from the market leader of polyurethane bushings.  These bushings are arranged so they only see compressive loads, like they are designed for. No twisting, no bending, and no edge loading mean that the bushings will have a long and productive life.  The assembly is held together with a grade 12.9 shoulder bolt and a nylon locking nut so you don’t have to worry about it coming apart.

Available in Black or Gold anodize with Black or Red bushings

Customer Reviews

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Speed 3 RMM

Just installed a RMM on my Speed 3!! Wow!! Car feel so solid now compared to before,shifting is significantly smoother! Have some crazy NVH going on right now so hopefully it just needs some time to break in,other than that pleased with the ease od install and the product overall!!

DM RMM for my built mazdaspeed3

Idk what else I can add to all the praises of your product here. Plus fast shipping! 10/10!

Fantastic motor mount

Definitely better than the SURE mount I had before. It’s fairly stiff but it’s so worth it, the car feels much better to thrash now and the transition between on and off throttle/vice versa is noticeably smoother.


So the part itself is amazing, love the gold and red bushings. The car has significant increase in power and feels great when shifting. The only thing I did not like was the bolt on mount connection that had an Allen key screw which made it difficult to apply proper foot pounds and left me paranoid. Although it worked out I have no clue as to why Damond wouldn’t use a standard nut and bolt Thank you for the amazing mount!

Thanks for the feedback Patrick! Hardware is something we're looking to change for our MS3 RMM, to provide an easier install.
Speed3 RMM

Great quality part. The stock mount is a joke compared to this one. The car feels much more solid and shifts way smoother. Definitely worth the price!